From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Cheap Beer and Oldale Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-06 23:50:09 PST luneric wrote: > "Sapphire, there you are! I've been looking all over for you!" The > enthusiastic trainer had caught sapphire in the act of creeping to the > toilets - and what a shame, he almost succeeded. And before a sarcastic > comment could come out of sapphires mouth, brendan surgested ben > traveled with them. The trainer could not say no. > > Out back, Sapphire started hitting his head against a wall. "Crap, crap, > crap, crap..." As the trio exited the pub, a shadow momentarily blotted out the sun. All three looked up, as did most of those on the street. "What the...?" "I've never seen a pokemon like that before." "What do you suppose it could be?" "Pidgey" escaped Sapphire's lips before he could catch himself. Quickly deducing why everyone was looking at him, he stuck a hand behind his head and blushed. "Well, that is, they're pretty common down...down from where Ash Ketchum's from. I read a lot about his adventures. It's part of what inspired me to finally get my pokemon trainer's license." Most of the onlookers seemed to accept that, and went about their business even as the pidgey landed. Brendan, however, slipped further into genki mode. "YOU'VE read all about Ash Ketchum? I'VE met him! I never heard they published his adventures! Where'd you get them? Are they for sale online, or-" "*ahem*" "Excuse me, I'm trying to have a conversat...ion..." Brendan blinked, looking into his own face. "Sorry I don't have time for a long story. Short story: in future, you did not remove that pokemon from that person's leg. Bad Stuff happened. You time travelled back to try to stop it," 'Brendan' rattled off. "O...kay..." "You've got no time to lose." 'Brendan' grabbed the real Brendan's shoulders. "Take him to a hospital. Use a pokeball to remove the pokemon, maybe just for a moment or two while the doctors get to work." Turning Brendan towards Ben and shoving him along, 'Brendan' added, "MOVE! I'll take care of Sapphire." "Umm...right. I'll be back soon...err, I will be back soon, won't I?" 'Brendan' shrugged. "I wouldn't know. I didn't do what you're about to. But hurry, before it's too late!" A slightly bewildered Brendan hustled a slightly bewildered Ben down the street. "There's a clinic just a couple blocks from here. They also make good potions." Sapphire was far from bewildered, having decided it would be too ignomious to have his alter ego react as the others had. Besides, the curiosity he was about to display was as geniune as his calmness. "Time travel? What happened, originally?" "Brendan took him to a clinic." 'Brendan' morphed into another human; Sapphire needed a couple seconds to recognize this was not James. "Need to speak about Grey area. Somewhere private." Sapphire easily heard the capitalization. "How about that bar across the street? By the way, do you have an ID?" Mimic smiled. "Do now, but your coin buying." --- A man, a ditto, and a girafarig walked into a bar. The man had a beer, nice and smooth with a good head on it. The ditto had a near-beer, just as smooth and with a similar-looking head, but still a weaker drink. The girafarig considered having the same as both of his companions, thinking that two heads were better than one. In the most secluded booth in the bar, where no others would be able to hear them above the music, Grey set his mug down just before Mimic did likewise. "You're from Team Rocket?" "No get wrong. Mimic just on same side for now." "Mimic? I've heard about you. Wasn't that bounty on you still open?" "That Mimic's brother. Mimic no see Doppler for while." "So, if I caught you, I'd only get the reward for turning in a traitor." Mimic locked eyes with Grey, putting on a poker face just as good as the human's. "That right. No worth it, especially considering Mimic here help Grey's mission." "Oh?" "Grey here investigate Teams Aqua, Magma. Mimic's friend Bob captured, pretty sure by one of them. Mimic able produce map to Magma base." "So, why don't you just go there?" "Because map inside form of Team Magma sub set self-destruct. Mimic need someone else read map, keep in memory long enough Mimic transform and read out for teleport. Besides, Mimic no sure Bob at that base - and Mimic suspect need backup." "What makes you sure I'll help?" "Mimic no sure. But Mimic out of other options. Mimic never would think help Team Rocket if Mimic had choice." "If that's how it is, how do I know you won't stab me in the back the moment we've sprung your friend?" "Because unlike Team Rocket, Mimic honorable. If Grey help, Mimic promise no stab Grey in back until at least after out of base." "How...specific of you. So, what's with the girafarig?" "This Raffy, Bob's pokemon." "Does he speak?" Mimic glanced at Raffy, not even bothering to telepathically ask the reason for his silence so far. Which was too bad, else he might have clued in to the psychic type's nervousness about the level of hatred Mimic had displayed. "Raffy's mouth only say 'girafarig'." TBC?