From: luneric ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Cheap Beer and Oldale Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-08 01:35:02 PST Bandraptor wrote: > Grey nods. "I'm going to send my Pokemon into the base with you. They > can command themselves in battle, so my presence won't be necessary. I > don't expect that you'll have any trouble working with them. Of > course, if *you* double-cross *me*, they'll probably tear you and your > friend to pieces." Grey laughs maniacally for over a minute. When he's > done, he addresses Mimic earnestly, "So, anyhow, is all of this okay > with you?" Brendan must be starting to think that people were trying to get away from him, as ben had managed to throw him off on the way to the clinic. Expecting to see Sapphire hiding a corpse or something, ben glanced around the corner in the rusty Beldum and was rather taken aback to see the trainer talking to a man in a rocket uniform. Releasing his magneton, mimic suddenly started to feel a light pull, and was seconds later hanging upside down from the metal buckels of his boots, attched to one of Metrix magnets. At this point, ben looked quite smug with himself, but immidiately went flying across the room, into the back wall. Feeling his jaw, and looking at sapphire, sapphire realised that was the stupidest thing he could of done. Mimic quickly slipped out of his boots, and stood up again. "Mimic think you hate, team rocket, aqua, magma?" He smiled warmly. Ben stopped glaring at sapphire to turn to mimic, surprised. Sapphire grinned, formulating a new plan. Luneric