Subject: [PW!] Early To Bed Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 20:44:02 -0400 From: Rob <> Organization: Posted via Supernews, Newsgroups: "...then I told Golem to use Earthquake for his second appeal and he won fourth place in the Cool Pokemon Contest!" Robert exclaims to Rilli, his girlfriend, who's face appears on the screen of the telephone Robert's using in the Olivine City Pokemon Center. "That's great," says Rilli, "How many contestants were there? Twenty?" "..." Robert's eyes shift from side to side then he hangs his head in shame as he answers, "Four." "Oh." Mithril-rama shrugs, "Well, it was your first time." Robert sighs, "Thanks for trying to make me feel better, but it was also the first time Becky had entered, though she read the rules thoroughly, and I talked with Smasher for a little while before I left the Lighthouse to call you and it turns out it was his first time too!" "Still, you learn from your mistakes." Rilli reassures Robert, "You said there were going to be more contests each day this week - will you go to any of the other ones? I'm sure you'd do better." "Nope. After I battle Jasmine, I want to hurry to the next town you told me to go to - Mahogany Town." Robert says, "After all, the faster I earn five Johto Badges, the faster I can come home for good, and I have a feeling I'm not going to win Jasmine's Mineral Badge tomorrow." Mithril-rama asks, "Why do you say that? Are you now realizing that sending out your Charmeleon might be a mistake?" "Oh! Thanks for reminding me!" Robert exclaims, "I got so wrapped up in telling you about the contest, I forgot to ask you to transfer Charmeleon to me. Could you do that now?" "Sure, but I still think it's a bad idea." Rilli warns as she produces a Pokeball from one of her pockets and places it on the telephone's transfer device, "He's too unruly." She pushes the button and after a moment, a Pokeball materializes on the device in front of Robert. Robert grabs the Pokeball, attaches it to the last slot on his belt, and dismisses Rilli's concern, "It doesn't matter which Pokemon I use at this point - if I couldn't beat Jasmine when I was a stranger and she wasn't angry at me, I seriously doubt I'll be able to win now that I insulted her Ampharos, whatever that is, after having befriended her." "You said she was going to battle Travis and Becky first, right?" Rilli muses, "Perhaps she'll be tired out after those matches and you'll be able to win. Don't give up hope before the match has begun!" "I still think there's a SLIGHT chance I can win," says Robert, putting his thumb and index finger close to each other, "If I didn't think so, I'd just send out Murkrow and Pineco and call it a day. Anyway, I'd better go get some rest so that I can be alert tomorrow during my match. Being half-asleep during my match against Chuck didn't help at all. Good night, Rilli! I love you!" He blows a kiss to his girlfriend. "I love you too. Good luck tomorrow and good night!" Rilli blows a kiss to Robert before her image disappears from the telephone's screen. Robert pulls the key Nurse Joy gave him when he walked into the Pokemon Center out of his pocket and heads to the room he was assigned. When he enters the room, he notices two unoccupied bunk beds - one to accommodate both Travis and Becky when they get back from the Comic Book Convention and another one for him. He takes off his black sneakers and slides into the lower bunk of one of the beds to get some rest. -Robert