From: Newton P. Haights ( Subject: Re: [PW] [NC] Flight of the Dragon Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-30 14:39:53 PST "SHAKKmaster" <> wrote: > "Nurse Joy, I need you to register another pokemon for me. And keep it low," > he said sadly. > Joy took the pokeball. "OK. Salamence, Level 83 or 84, 9'2'', 400 lbs, grey > with black wings, special moves: Aeroblast, Earthquake, Sacred Fire, Zap > Cannon, Shock Wave. All done." "Furthermore, I'm not going to say ANYTHING about your Salamence, its relative rarity, its high level, its abundance of moves, its odd coloring, or your suspicious behavior regarding its confidential registration." "Because I'm the author?" "Because you're the author." -- Newton P. Haights