Subject: [PW!] In Pursuit of Normal ... Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 01:32:07 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: Bob woke up strangely refreshed, fully dressed and sprawled out on a beach towel. His backpack still perched beside him with everything still in there, and a cool and calming breeze blowing in from the open waters. Krabby skittered in the distant sand while sunbathers start filtering into the beach, intent on greeting the day with open arms and swimsuits. So as the grass-type breeder got up into a sitting position, while prying vines out of the sand, he wondered why he was still feeling a bit Angry. Shrugging to himself, he pulled himself up to his feet, packed the towel in his backpack, slung the thing over his shoulders and let out one smart-ass Girafarig. #Took ya long enough?# Raffy snapped, glaring with both sets of eyes. "Sorry there Raffy, but between the Ruins, getting Teleported here and a semi-climatic battle over an Unown, I've been busy." Bob almost snapped back. #Chill there breeder boy. When'd you get so angry?# "Did I mention that this is the shiny Unown A?" #I think you thunk it once, I think ...# "Thought so." Bob said smirking. "How about a trip around town, calm and peaceful and without distractions, crazed Unown battles or anything weird that's defined normal for us lately." Bob offered. #REAL normal?!?# Raffy relpied, sarcasm and shock evident. The Girafarig nodded and started to give Bob 'the look'. "What? You don't think we can pull it off?" #You ATTRACT trouble!# Bob got the evil grin going. "Fine, you stay here with all the wannabe trainers that could try to capture you and make your day miserable, I'm going back towards the city for some quality peace and quiet." He got about 25 feet when Raffy bolted up beside him. #Since you put it so nicely...# And so the pair walked back into Olivine City, with the intent to have as normal a day as possible. With both hands in his pants pockets, trying to look normal, Bob and Raffy walked down the streets. While he was walking, he could have sworn he saw a slightly hyperactive half-Raichu roaming the streets. After dismissing that crazy notion, Bob found himself in front of the bookstore. It took five minutes to find a copy of "Hoenn for Dummies" and another five to find a bench to sit down at and start reading. After going through the first couple of chapters, he heard a commotion coming from the park. Fighting his instincts to help, Bob stay fixed to his seat, intent on having a normal day. Raffy looked towards the source of the noise. #Why aren't you going to help?# "Cause we're having a normal day -- no fighting, no worrying, and now Unown hijinx. If you wanna try to send a Future Sight over there, I'm not going to stop you." Bob shrugged, going back to Chapter 3 of his book -- Hoenn's gyms. Looking at his friend and trainer, he could swear that Bob was thinking a mantra of 'today will be normal ... today will be normal'