Subject: Re: [PW!] In Pursuit of Normal ... Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 21:36:19 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > > Drake, in contrast, knew it was exactly ten measures to the end of the > > final set when Mimic's microphone roughly brushed against his open palm, > > scraping off the mini-Doppler bound there. He did not have time to > > react before Mimic and microphone swung away, tossing the bit of > > protoplasm into the audience. > > > > In a dramatic recreation, time might have slowed down. But this was far > > too real and ordinary to almost all who were there; only Drake knew what > > was up, though one of the spotlight crew did track Doppler's fragment as > > it arced through the air, > > ...then, in full view of both Mimics on stage, somehow stayed airborne > long after the accidental fling's energy would have dropped it into the > crowd - as if guided by a telekinetic hand making very certain not to be > detected, one more experienced at subtlety than either of the observing > Mimics - until it reached a certain row, where it... > > > landed on one of a seeming set of twins, and > > dissolved into that one's flesh. Eyes wide for a second, then the > > familiar blue flash of an exiting teleport, and Doppler was gone. > > Raffy's mind was still in a state of 'WHOA!' - the sensory overload of > the concert not having helped much - but Bob was rather more cognizant. > > "Mimic done," the ditto vibrated into Bob's temple, having become a robe > much like Doppler's then-signature form, to give Bob extra help in > hiding his status, to give Celebi a place to hide and peek out from, and > to communicate - with normal audio drowned out by the crowd and the > music, and psychic communications from Mimic a significant danger given > those who might detect it. "Can stay for rest if want, or can leave now > if want." Bob just looked around a bit. Nobody staring at him was a good thing and everybody that went for a ride through time that time was accounted for. "Your friend Celebi said we had a few hours, so we should enjoy ourselves for a couple of numbers, maybe walk about whatever town or city we're in." Bob said, before pausing for a second, "Unless that's going to cause mass chaos later..." After gently knocking Raffy out of his state of sensory overload by plonking him on the head lightly, Bob relaxed a bit and got into the beat of the concert. It may not be normal by the conventional definition, but it was peaceful and entertaining. 'Just hope nothing happens to screw this up' he added in almost private thought 'Amen to that' Raffy thought to himself, not bothering to tell anybody that he heard his grass-type trainer's thought TBC ------- Clayton