Subject: Re: [PW!] Jasmine's Got Pokemon of Steel Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 19:38:54 GMT From: Worry <> Organization: RoadRunner - Triad Newsgroups: Rob <> wrote in > Robert, Travis, and Becky, dressed in their usual outfits, approach the > Olivine City Gym, a purple building with the word "GYM" in big yellow > letters above the entrance. Travis and Becky have been training in a > route near the city since they woke up this morning, but Robert only > woke up a couple of hours ago and spent those two hours at the local > Pokemon Center's Cafeteria, nervously stuffing food into his face, > worried about his upcoming match against Jasmine. Even now, as Robert > approaches the Gym, a large sweatdrop is slowly sliding down his brow. > > In his usually calm tone, Travis suggests, "You should relax, Robert." > > Robert grimaces and comments, "That's easy for you to say - you're not > the one Jasmine's angry with! I'll try, though..." > > When the three Pokemon Trainers enter the Gym, they encounter a teenage > black-haired girl wearing a yellow dress with orange stripes instead of > the Gym Leader. The girl is holding a green flag in her left hand and a > red flag in her right hand. She waves the flags at Travis and Becky, > "Welcome, Trainers! My name's Jenina - I'm Jasmine's apprentice." > > "How nice of you to welcome me to the Gym!" Robert wipes the sweatdrop > off his face, "I guess Jasmine must've calmed down and realized that > what I said wasn't really a big deal... or did she not tell you what I > said, Jenina?" > > "Oh, she told me, all right!" Jenina glares at Robert as she says, "I > wasn't welcoming YOU into the Gym, I was welcoming these other two > Trainers. How could you say those terrible things about Sparkles?!" > > Robert shakes his head, "I just think the name's a little silly..." > > "Stop! Enough!" Jenina points her red flag at Robert, "You've insulted > Jasmine's beloved Ampharos enough! I'm gonna go get Jasmine so she can > teach you a lesson." The girl runs into a back room of the Gym to find > her mentor. A moment later, Jenina emerges from the room followed by a > pale young woman wearing a white dress - Jasmine, the Gym's Leader. > > First, Jasmine addresses the black-haired girl who won second place in > last night's Costumed Pokemon Contest, "Welcome, Becky! I think your > Hitmonchan is very cool." She then focuses her attention on Travis, "I > welcome you too, but I didn't catch your name the last time we met." > > The purple-haired teenager says, "I'm Travis." > > "You will be the first Trainer who will battle me this fine afternoon." > Jasmine tells the three visiting Trainers, "After that, Becky will > challenge me. And then I will battle..." She points one of her long > fingers at Robert, "YOU! To defend the honor of Sparkles, my Ampharos!" > > "Heh, yeah - uh, about that..." Robert tugs at his black shirt's collar, > "I'm really sorry about what I said. I didn't think..." > > "That's right, you didn't think!" Jasmine narrows her steely blue eyes > at Robert, "And that's why you're about to face the wrath of Sparkles!" > > Robert tries the best he can to keep a smirk from emerging on his face - > the phrase "wrath of Sparkles" is highly amusing to him, but he knows > that if he shows any sign of amusement, he'll be in even more trouble > than he already is with the Olivine City Gym Leader. > > "Enough talking - let's start the first match!" Jasmine walks up to her > side of the large Pokemon Arena set up inside the Olivine City Gym. > Jenina approaches the Arena's sidelines, ready to referee all three of > the Gym matches. Travis steps up to the side of the Arena across from > where Jasmine is standing, feeling confident that he'll win, especially > since Jasmine told him which Pokemon she was going to send out. > > Jenina announces, "An official two-on-two Gym match between the Olivine > Gym Leader, Jasmine, and the challenger, Travis, for one Mineral Badge > will now commence! And... begin!" > > "Right! Magnemite!" Jasmine produces a Pokeball from within her dress, > enlarges it, and pitches it into the Arena. A burst of white light > shoots out of the Pokeball and turns into a Magnemite. The Pokemon > hovers over the Arena, waiting for Travis to send out an opponent. > > Standing behind Travis and next to Becky, Robert puts his fingers up to > his mouth and bites his fingernails, very nervous now that he's just > moments away from battling Jasmine's two strongest Pokemon. He tries to > stay focused on watching Jasmine's match against Travis, though, > figuring he might get a better sense of Jasmine's battling style. > > -Robert > > "MagneMIIIIIIIIIIIIITE!" Jasmine's Pokemon called out waiting to see who Travis would send out. Travis smiled and stated, "Eager little guy." With his innate ability to understand Pokespeak, he had heard the Magnemite shout out "All right!" Travis pulled the pokeball off his belt and continued, "Sorry, little guy, but the badge is important to me. Go Stone!" A red light shot out to the floor, forming quickly into a large Golem. Stone appeared on the floor and began to circle first left then right, it's eyes locked intently on the Magnemite floating before it. "Mite mag" The Magnemite muttered, it's single eye going wide at seeing the powerful duel type. Travis heard "Oh crap" Jasmine seemed unconcerned about the type mismatch. Confidently she ordered, "Magnemite, use Screech!" "Stone, Double Team!" Travis called out. The Golem proved the faster of the two as he vibrated in place then split into to Pokemon. One to the left of the electric steel type and one to the right. but as it did, Magnemite also vibrated in place, sending a loud high pitched sound wave across the field. Stone the Golem shuddered in place as the sound wave hit him, his defense dropping sharply. The wave went right through the double. "Good, screech again!" Jasmine cried out, excited by the battle. "Double team once more." Travis called. A repeat of the first round happened, leaving four Golem's on the field but the Screech attack striking home. "Now use Tri attack!" Jasmine cried out, feeling confident that the two screech attacks had weakened the Golem enough to damage. "Stone, use your Tackle attack." Travis said calmly. Three balls of energy appeared in front of the Magnemite, one blue one yellow and one red, beginning to spin slowly in the air. meanwhile, the four Stone's all rushed towards it. "That was a mistake, Travis." Jasmine stated, "Tackle is a normal attack and does very little damage to Steel type Pokemon." As she finished speaking, the Magnemite let the now swiftly spinning balls of energy go at the Stone nearest to it. The Golem they passed through snapped out of existence and the attack sped harmlessly on. It had hit one of the illusionary ones. A moment later, the rest of the Golem struck the small Magnemite, proving Jasmine correct when the Magnemite appeared to take little damage. Stone pushed it into firm contact with the ground as Travis answered the Gym leader. "I know Tackle doesn't do much to hurt a Magnemite, but that wasn't what I was after. Stone, use Earthquake!" With the Magnemite firmly in contact still on the ground, the Golem began stamping it's feet hard onto the gym floor, The Magnemite cried out in agony as the vibrations were absorbed directly. The steel Pokemon fainted almost immediately before Jasmine could even call out another attack. "Magnemite is unable to battle, Stone is the Winner!" Jenina called out reluctantly, sounding disappointed. "Clever strategy." Jasmine admitted as she recalled her fainted Pokemon. Addressing the Pokeball, she said, "Good job Magnemite, you did what I needed you to." She then addressed her purple haired opponent once more. "But I had a strategy too! I knew Magnemite couldn't defeat your Golem, so I used it to weaken him. Now meet the Pokemon that CAN defeat it!" She took another pokeball off her belt and tossed it forward. It opened to reveal a powerful looking Scizor. As soon as the wicked looking red Pokemon appeared, jasmine cried out, "Scizor, use Swift!" The Scizor began to spin in place, shooting yellow star shapes out as it did. Travis, confident that the speed stars would strike the real Golem but wouldn't damage him much, called out, "Stone, use Earthquake again!" The Golem began to stomp the ground, caused waves to flow along the ground. They struck the Scizor just as it's stars struck the Golem. Both Pokemon stumbled, but while Scizor took the worse damage, both were okay to continue. "Scizor, use your Double Team!" Jasmine cried out. The Scizor vibrated in place and split in two. The pair of red Pokemon shot off to stand on either side of the Golem, whose own doubles had been taken out by the earlier Swift attack. "Stone, use Metronome!" Travis ordered. The Golem thrust out his two stone arms, holding one of his three fingers up and ticking it in time back and forth. Travis knew it was a risky move, but sometimes metronome could call up a powerful attack. After a few seconds, the Golem stilled. Both Jasmine and Travis anxiously waited to see what would happen. Both sweat dropped as the Golem's mouth opened and a beautiful noise filled the air. Haunting in quality, the Golem began to Sing. "Jiiig ily puff jigilyyyy puff. Jigiily puff jigiiiiilyyyyy." The Scizor listening to the song appeared to grow drowsy, but as the sound ended it snapped up, ready for the next move. Stone, seeing that his attack failed, appeared to puff himself up with aggravation, making both jasmine and Travis laugh. "Let's end this, Scizor!" Jasmine ordered growing serious. "Use Metal Claw!" Hoping that the Golem would survive the Steel attack, Travis called out, "Stone, use Earthquake." The Golem began stamping it's feet once more, sending out the vibrations along the ground. but before they could build, the Scizor's attack struck home. The Scizor to the right disappeared as the ground vibrations went through it, but the real Scizor struck the Golem with both of it's sharp claws. "GolEEEEMMMMMMM!" Stone cried out in agnony, the force of the blow sending it rolling across the gym floor. It came to a rest in front of Travis, laying on it's side, unable to continue. "Stone is unable to battle, Scizor wins the match!" Jenina called out, happier in victory. Travis recalled his Golem and considered what Pokemon to send out next. He briefly thought about using Hoofer, the fire horse being the only Pokemon he had left that was super effective against a Steel type. But the Scizor stood panting in the center of the floor, swaying slightly in place. It had taken a lot of damage before putting Stone down, and Travis could tell it was almost finished. Travis decided to give another Pokemon the experience. Pulling a ball off his belt, he set the Pokemon on the floor. "Jolt Jolt!" Charmer the Jolteon cried out, eager for the chance to battle. "An electric type?" Jasmine asked in surprise. Examining the Jolteon, she added, "And it looks like a young one as well. You may have just thrown away your chance at victory!" "I think Charmer has enough level to finish this." Travis replied mildly. "It isn't as inexperienced as you may think." Travis had trained the Jolteon diligently, and judged it's level in the high twenties. He hoped it would be enough. "Very well. I will be happy to battle you another time to let you gain the mineral badge. Scizor, use Metal Claw!" Jasmine called out, a little arrogantly thinking the match was hers. "Dodge it and use Sand Attack!" Travis ordered. The Scizor rushed to the Jolteon with razor sharp claws glinting, but the Jolteon spun out of the way of the descending attack just in time. As the Scizor's claws crashed into the ground behind it, powdering the concrete of the gym floor, Charmer used the resultant dust, sweeping it with her hind legs and sending it into the Scizor's eyes. The red Pokemon stumbled back, trying to clear it's vision. "Try again, Scizor, Metal Claw!" jasmine cried out. "Thundershock!" Travis ordered. The Scizor made a valiant try, swiping at the swiftly moving Jolteon with it's claws. But still blinded by the concrete dust, the attack missed. Jolteon then sent out a wave of electrical power. It struck the Scizor true, and the red Pokemon cried out in agony as the energy swept through it. Though strong against electrical attacks, the Scizor fainted away as the attack added to the damage it had taken earlier finished it off. "Scizor is unable to battle. The win and the match goes to Charmer and Travis." Jenina cried out, her voice shaking with emotion. "Very good match." jasmine stated as she crossed the arena, recalling the fainted Scizor along the way. Handing a package to Travis, she said. "You have earned this. The match reward sum of 3,500 Pokeyen, and Mineral Badge. Also please accept this TM, which contains Iron Tail. I hope you will be able to use it in your Journey." "Thank you. It was a great match." Travis stated as he took the items offered, pinning the badge to the inside of his windbreaker and tucking the rest into his backpack. As he stepped away from the trainers box, Becky stepped forward eagerly. Jasmine regarded the Gi clad girl with interest, noting the challenge in her eyes. "I have a feeling that isn't the only good match I will have." She stated. Then, casting a sidelong glance at Robert, who seemed to shrink back from the anger in her gaze, she added, "But I hope you don't mind if it goes quickly. I do have a score to settle." "Don't worry, I will defeat you as fast as I can." Becky replied, making Jasmine look back at her in surprise. Jasmine answered the challenge in the Black Belts tone with a viscous smile and walked back across the arena floor to take her position in the trainers box. This will be an official Pokemon league match. Trainers are allowed two Pokemon each. Jasmine the Olivine Gym leader versus Black Belt Becky of the Orange Islands! Let the match begin!" Jenina called out, waving her flags to start the match. Jasmine threw out her Pokeball, releasing a large Magneton. "Let's see you deal with this!" Jasmine stated, confidence returning to her tone. "You admired my Kicker yesterday." Becky replied. "Now meet my other fighter, Fireslap!" The Hitmonlee appeared on the gym floor ready for action. It danced from one clawed foot to the other, then threw three or four rapid fire kicks in the air getting itself pumped up. "Impressive." jasmine admitted. "But we will have to take you down. Magneton, use Thunderbolt!" "Fireslap, High Jump Kick!" Becky called. Fireslap launched himself into the air, one foot extended as it came over the Magneton. But just before the attack landed, a powerful bolt of electricity erupted from the steel electric Pokemon and caught the Hitmonlee in mid air. Fireslap cried out in agony as he competed his own attack, crashing into the Magneton and kicking it so hard that he dented the Magneton's shell. The Magneton hit the ground and bounced out of the arena, coming to rest on the ground beside jasmine. As it came to a rest, Fireslap collapsed on the gym floor, yellow flashes of residual electricity making it quiver on the floor. After a moment, neither Pokemon moved. Jasmine and Becky both sweatdropped as Jenina breathlessly stated, "It's a double knock out! Neither Pokemon are able to continue! Round one is a draw!" Both gave each other a chagrined look as they recalled their fainted battlers. Jasmine drew a third Pokemon off of her belt as she said, "That was unexpected, but now meet my newest Pokemon. Fresh from Hoenn, new to Johto. Mawile!" She released the Steel type onto the arena floor. "Yikes." Becky stated as the small but wicked looking Pokemon appeared on the floor, looking around calmly. It was only two feet tall, but it's jaws were bigger than it's body. It had to turn it's head to the side to look at Becky, but she saw that it's yellow head held a disarmingly cute face. Becky shook herself after she realized she was staring. Pulling her own Pokeball off her belt she said, "You met this one yesterday. I assure you, he will do better in battle then he did in the contest. Go Kicker!" The Hitmonchan appeared on the floor and immediately began throwing air punches with his gloved fists, warming up for the match. But as he did so, he caught sight of the new Pokemon and froze in place. The Hitmonlee sweatdropped seeing the Mawile standing calmly. Jasmine sought to take advantage of the Hitmonlee's momentary lapse. "Mawile, use Iron Defense!" She cried out. "Kicker, use Mind Reader!" Becky ordered. The Mawile didn't move, but it appeared to shimmer as it raised it's defense stat. meanwhile Kicker put it's gloved fists to it's head and concentrated. "Now, Mawile, Fake Tears!" Jasmine called out. "High Jump Kick." Becky said, wondering what kind of attack Fake tears was. She found out as Kicker launched himself into the air. Water shot from both eyes of the Mawile and tracked on the descending Hitmonlee. The Tears struck it as the High Jump kick landed, at Hitmonlee seemed to glow for a moment, meanwhile the Mawile cried out as it was driven backwards, but stopped it's slide with it's large jaws dragging across the floor, damaged but not out. Kicker landed on the floor, seemingly not effected by the watery attack it had endured. "Good Mawile, now use Crunch!" Jasmine ordered, The short Pokemon immediately moved towards the Hitmonlee. "Use Mind reader again." Becky called out confident that the Dark type attack wouldn't do much harm to a fighting type Pokemon and glad that Jasmine had called out an attack she was familiar with. Kicker once more returned his gloved fists to his head and concentrated on the rapidly approaching Mawile. When it arrived, the Mawile turned it's head to the side and crunched down hard on Hitmonlee's exposed ribs. Hitmonlee cried out in surprised agony. "Fake tears lowers a Pokemon's special defense." Jasmine informed Becky, who was looking at her Hitmonlee wondering why the Crunch attack hurt it so much. The Mawile had fallen back after delivering the attack and was awaiting orders. "Mawile, Crunch it again!" jasmine ordered triumphant. Knowing the kickers special defense wasn't that grand to begin with, Becky knew it couldn't take another Crunch attack despite the type advantage. "Kicker, High jump kick!" She cried out in desperation. Kicker leapt straight up, barely avoiding Mawile's closing jaws, which snapped shut with a metallic clank. Extending it's foot, Kicker landed right on top of the two foot tall Pokemon's head. The Mawile went down hard, driven into the arena floor by the force of the attack. Kicker rebounded off the Mawile and came up ready for more action. but the Mawile didn't rise. After along moment of inactivity, Jenina reluctantly stated, "Mawile is unable to battle. The round and the match go to Becky. This match is over!" Becky cried out happily and ran up to hug Kicker in congratulations. As she did, Jasmine once more crossed over onto the arena floor, She recalled the fainted Mawile and smiled at Becky, handing the Gi clad girl the same package she gave to Travis. "Good match. You handled seeing a brand new Pokemon very well. I hope to have a rematch with you one day." "Thank you." Becky returned accepting the prize with a bow. "I would be glad to have another match with you. jasmine smiled fondly at her. but then the Gym leader's face grew serious as she turned. One of her long fingers pointed like a dagger at Robert as she said. "Now it is time for you to pay for the insult you gave my Sparkles! Get up here and prepare to take your medicine!" Robert seemed to shrink back from the anger in his fellow Gym leader's tone, but then he began to stride forward in resignation. "Good luck." Travis, who had watched Becky's match beside him, said in encouragement. "Thanks, I think I am going to need it." Robert returned as he passed Becky and Kicker leaving the arena floor. He tried a disarming smile at jasmine as he took his position in the trainer's box... -- Worry's first SIG sig file ------------------------------------------------------------------ *"It takes a Worried man to sing a Worried song..." Kingston Trio* *And the award for the funniest line in a cartoon goes to Superman who remarked "Don't look at me, I just catch 'em!" after stopping a crane thrown by Bizzaro from crushing a wedding party.* Proud owner of 300 fake code points