From: Ben ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Just a bad day Newsgroups: Date: 2003-10-19 11:52:07 PST Ben wrote: > Still yawning, he opened the curtains and looked out, but cursed. 20 or > so team rocket members were streaming into new bark town, for about the > 6th time in two months. He pulled on some jeans and a tee shirt, > grabbed his belt and rushed downstairs. His 'landlady' was the kind > mother of a travelling trainer, who was respected all through Johto. > But, not surprisingly, she was currently no where to be seen. He quickly > put his pokegear on autodial to all the trainers he knew, and ran out > the door clenching a pokeball. New bark is the doorway to Johto - and Johto is the dorway to Hoenn. But if team rocket really wanted to get to Hoenn, couldn't they just fly? On getting out of the door, ben faced a mob of menaceing looking pokemon. "Hey, remember me? Go blade - Iron Defence!" In a flash of red light, a large aggron appeared and immediately tensed its body, locking together the steel armor covering its body. He stole a glance at his pokegear bit still, nothing. He muttered to himself. "Comon guys - I could really use some help here!"