Subject: [PW!] Nightly Encounters. Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 22:44:28 +0200 From: Jeroen te Strake <> Organization: 404 - Not Found Newsgroups: Only very few of the books brad had read about the journeys of famous Pokemon trainers, fictious or real, mentioned what they did at night. In even fewer, they weren't only used as a plot device to make them defeat Team Rocket, or some other heroic deed, but instead were part of the daily routine. And he couldn't remember any that described what it was like when it was night, while you were alone on a deserted field with only your Pokemon, while the only sound you could hear was an occasional Hoothoot hooting, or a Zubat flying over, searching for food in the nightly hours before returning to its cave. Now, picture that happening to someone who never went very far away on his own, and who knows perfectly well what all those creatures that were around him could do, and you can probably imagine how Brad was feeling. He had been walking for the whole day, determined to get to Ecruteak City, determined to find out more about the legends he had read about. However, the distance between both towns was longer than Brad had expected, and it was dark before he knew it. And even Natu, his Pokemon that was hopping after him most of the time was afraid, staying very close to Brad, and even being carried by him occasionally. Now, as he stood still, looking around, it pushed itself against Brad's legs. "Do.. Don't worry, little one. E.. ev.. everything will be okay." He said rather unconvincingly. "Let's try to get some sleep." He walked to the lone old tree standing in the field. He took out his sleeping bag, being too tired to set up a tent or something, and fell asleep as soon as he lied in it, his Natu close to him. He woke up by something tugging his sleeping bag. When he opened his eye a bit, he saw it was still dark. "I have the day off..!" The tugging continued, and he looked at the bag, and saw a Rattata gnawing on it. "He, get away!" He crawled out of the bag, and jumped to it. "Get away." The creature quickly ran away, but moments after Brad tried to go to sleep, it was back again. After chasing the rat away a few times, encouraged by Natu who had woken up already, he looked at the bird. "Can't you do something? I want to go back to sleep, and you Pokemon are supposed to battle." "Natu?" "You know, battle, fight. Make the Rattata faint." "Natu..?" Natu tilted his head slightly. "Let's go then." The Rattata was standing a few feet away from them, head tilted, amazed at the scene between them. Brad looked at him, thinking how those trainers handled this when they passed Mahogany Town, and went to the local gym. He held out Natu's empty Pokeball. "Alright Rattata, I've waited long for this moment. I have trained my Pokemon for.." No, that one didn't work now. "My Pokemon is strong enough to defeat you. I challenge you for the.." Not the badge, he remembered. Rattata usually didn't give those out. ".. the right to sleep undisturbed with my sleeping bag staying unharmed by you! Natu, I choose you." He prepared for a dramatic throw of Natu's Pokeball when he realised Natu was standing next to him. "Ehmm, Natu.." He tried to remember Natu's moves. "Peck! Yes, peck!" The two Pokemon looked at each other. "Natu." "Ratta. Rat rat ratta rattata" "Natu na natu natu." The conversation continued for a while, occasionally interrupted by Brad trying to get Natu to attack. Not much later, the Rattata walked away, and Natu crawled back into the sleeping bag, calling Brad, who watched the Rattata walk away until it had disappeared into the night. He then crawled into the sleeping bag as well, and went back to sleep. He woke up the following morning, having slept undisturbed. After making breakfast for him and Natu (he had bought some food for it before he left) they went on their way again. "On to Ecruteak, my friend, and let's hope we reach it today!" - Jeroen