Subject: Re: [PW!] Oh No! Pokémon Paralyze Panic! Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 05:14:05 -0500 From: "Kenneth Livingston" <> Organization: Posted via Supernews, Newsgroups: Trousle awoke the following day feeling refreshed and ready to get things started. He had spent a few minutes before actually going to bed working with Wooper to find out if there it knew any good moves. As it turnes out, Wooper somehow had acquired the move Water Gun, so Trousle was beaming with pride when he walked out into the lobby of the Pokemon Center to find out how the Slugma was doing. He approached Nurse Joy and cleared his throat. "Good morning, Nurse Joy. How's Slugma doing today?" he asked as he smiled up at her. "Slugma is doing just fine. I think it's ready to fight you, so you need to figure out who you want to use to fight. And I suggest you take the fight out to the Path not too far from here. I don't want any fighting going on in my Pokemon Center!" "OK, Nurse Joy. Thanks!" Trousle went into the backroom and saw the Slugma sitting on the table closest to the door. "Slugma slugslugma, " it said as Trousle approached. Since Trousle couldn't understand Pokemon, he didn't know what the Slugma was saying, but it became apparent when the Slugma climbed off the table and headed towards the door. It took a moment to glance back at Trousle before moving into the lobby. Trousle followed the Slugma, being careful not to step on the spots of molten slime from Slugma's body. He didn't want to burn his shoes. Trousle followed the Slugma out onto the Path, where the Slugma then turned around and faced him. "Wooper! I choose you!" Trousle pulled out the Pokeball and pressed the button on top, releasing the Wooper from inside. "Wooper! Woop Woop Woop!" The Wooper jumped up and down excited for a moment before calming down and standing before the Slugma. Trousle considered carefully what his options were. He only had 4 of the Fastballs left and he didn't want to waste any, so he had to be absolutely sure that the Slugma was ready to be caught. "OK, Wooper! Let's show it what you've learned! Water gun attack!" Wooper formed an 'O' with it's mouth and started spouting water out at the Slugma. The Slugma jumped out of the way and tackled Wooper. The attack sent Wooper sprawling, but with only a few scratches. Wooper stood back up and faced the Slugma once more. The Slugma was already heading back at Wooper, so Trousle shouted, "Wooper! Close range Water Gun! Now!" Wooper shot the Water Gun at the Slugma, this time hiting it right on. The Slugma was knocked backwards by the force of the attack but was still moving. However, it was moving slower now. Trousle took advantage of this and told Wooper to do another Water Gun. Once more, Wooper hit the Slugma with Water Gun attack and the Slugma got even slower. Finally, Trousle took out one of the Fastballs and threw it at the Slugma. The ball sucked in the Slugma with a 'whoosh' sound and then shook a few times on the ground. The light on the Fastball finally went out (after what seemed like hours to Trousle) and Trousle walked over and retrieved the Fastball. Trousle stood in silence for a moment before shouting loudly, "I caught Slugma! Thank you Wooper!" "Wooper! Woop Woop Woop Woop!" The Wooper jumped around excitedly while Trousle beamed over his capture. "Wooper, I have decided on a name for you! I'm going to call you Whoop. And Slugma, " Trousle released Slugma from the Fastball, "I'm going to call you Sharpie." "Wooper!" "S-l-u-g-m-a." "Oh, sorry Slugma. Let's get you back to the Pokemon Center. I'm sure Nurse Joy can fix you right up! Whoop and Sharpie, return!" Trousle placed the two pokeballs back inside his jacket along with the pokeball containing Pidgey. He walked back into Goldenrod City's Pokemon Center and handed the Pokeballs to Nurse Joy. "I caught Slugma! Can you take care of Whoop and Sharpie for me?" "Sharpie, huh? And you finally named your Wooper too, did you? Well, that's wonderful! I'm sure Sharpie will be very happy with you!" She smiled at Trousle as she took the pokeballs and placed them in the Heal-O machine. After a few moments, she handed the Pokeballs back to Trousle and said, "There you go. Good as new. Now, here's some money for helping me out yesterday. I know it's not a lot, but it might help you out some." She handed Trousle 300 yen. He took the yen and walked out into the city. He wanted to find Mike so he could show off that he had caught the Slugma.