Subject: Re: [PW] Passing the ComiCon! Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 12:46:15 GMT From: Worry <> Organization: RoadRunner - Triad Newsgroups: Rob <> wrote in > International Superstorm (Chet Weaver) wrote: > The MC announces, "Those were great first appeals, contestants! Now > it's time for the second and final round of appeals. This time, Becky > and Kicker go first, Smasher and Rush go second, Kitsu and Jynx go > third, and Robert and Golem once again go last." > > "I don't mind going last..." Robert says to himself, "I just hope it > doesn't mean I'm going to end up in last place!" As she waited for the judge's signal, Becky considered her next move. Or more accurately reconsidered. She had planned on using High Jump Kick next due to it's high appeal, but as Kicker was going first, if the other Pokemon's moves startled him, he would lose double the star points. She and Kicker had done well in the previous round, gaining points from themselves and taking away from the impressive performance by the Jinx, if just a little. Having no way of knowing how the judge scored the first round, Becky wasn't sure of how to proceed. It would be easier if she knew how the first round was scored. If Kicker was in the lead, she would not hesitate for the next move. Kicker knew an ideal move to maintain it's position. Once she had decided to enter the contest, Becky had quickly read the rules, concentrating on the moves her Pokemon knew and how they supposedly effected the crowd and judge. Another consideration was the type of contest. The thirteen year old was torn. Should she use the cool move that would garner fan support in the Cool contest, or take a chance using a smart move instead that could possible earn her the crowd's disapproval, but jam the rest of the Pokemon and trainers attempts. In Hoenn, where the contests originated, she would go with the safer bet. But as this was the first of it's kind in Johto, perhaps the crowd wouldn't be aware of move types and would react to the move itself. Becky reached her decision as the judge finally motioned her to take the stage. She guided Kicker out to center stage and stated, "May I have your attention please?" She was unaware that every eye, at least every male eye, was already on her thanks tot he costume she wore. The crowd grew quiet as they waited for her next move. Scanning the crowd, Becky drew it out, playing the show. At last she pointed at a young man in the front row and asked Kicker, "How many phone numbers does this fine young person have in his Pokegear?" Kicker concentrated on the somewhat geeky fellow, then threw five punches in the air rapid fire. "Five phone numbers? Is that correct?" Becky asked the youngster." Wide eyed the boy nodded quickly. The crowd began to clap, but there were some doubtful faces as well. Becky choose one of the most cynical to address next. This one a female, Miss, you appear to doubt! Perhaps you think that this young man in front is a plant? To prove to you my Pokemon's powers are true, I will ask that you think of a number between one and ten." Still appearing doubtful, the girl nodded. "Ok, Kicker, what is the number she is thinking of?" Kicker concentrated on the girl then rapid fire punched the air nine times. "You are thinking of the number Nine!" Becky cried out, and the girl's reaction confirmed it for all. This time the crowds applause swelled. Becky smiled and bowed then withdrew. The crowd's applause swelled in appreciation of the Mind Reader act, then began to quiet. Becky hoped that the rule book was correct, and that the crowd wouldn't grow excited at the efforts of the remaining Pokemon. As the pretty thirteen year old took her place back in the line of waiting trainers, she nodded smiling at Smasher, who would be next with Rush. -- Worry's first SIG sig file ------------------------------------------------------------------ *"It takes a Worried man to sing a Worried song..." Kingston Trio* *And the award for the funniest line in a cartoon goes to Superman who remarked "Don't look at me, I just catch 'em!" after stopping a crane thrown by Bizzaro from crushing a wedding party.* Proud owner of 300 fake code points