Subject: Re: [PW] Passing the ComiCon! Date: 08 May 2003 21:56:01 GMT From: jsolano199@aol.comlink (Jose L. Solano) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: [OOC: Hope you don't mind...] >> "Watch where you're walking, you bum!" Keaton threatened. > >Looking around in confusion at where Keaton was standing, confronting >some guy, >Bob *finally* noticed the pokeball sitting on the ground, bobbing around >a bit. >Casting a quick glance around, to make sure nobody was paying much >attention, >Bob decided to snag the pokeball before either Keaton or the stranger >crushed. it. >To him, the fact that it had an Unown was irrelevant at this time, it was >something in the >way that could get broken. Quick Vine Whip work snagged the >pokeball forgotten >temperarily by Keaton. "You idiot, you distracted me!" Trent yelled. "Where'd that Pokéball go?! Vee, do you sense it? Yes... over there!" Trent looked in Bob's general direction. "Somewhere over there..." Trent pushed Keaton aside and Vanished. "Huh? Hey, you think you can just smash my hand and run like that?!" Keaton yelled. Moments later, he heard footsteps coming in his direction. "Yeah, come get some!" With a hard punch to his stomach, Keaton made Trent reappear, and drop the Pokéball he had gone through the trouble of stealing from Bob. Quickly, a vine appeared to snatch it back. "Oh, that does it!" Trent drew one of his swords. TBC...? Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil