Subject: Re: [PW] Passing the ComiCon! Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 23:42:24 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > Carol replied by aiming what remained of her rifle at her assailant. > She would have fired, except that when she looked, her target seemed > asleep or dead - upright, but limp, like a puppet. Her surprise only > lasted a moment, but long enough for the target to teleport back next to > Trent and grab for the loose pokeball. > > Only to find Ashura and a pidgeot struggling for the ball. The pidgeot > had its beak around the prize, but also around Ashura's claws, and the > sandslash was not letting go. Kitsu's arrival prompted the flying > pokemon to take flight, heading up to the hole in the ceiling. > > Trent sneered, relaxing into Bob's grip. "Well, now. Are you going to > keep wasting your time and mine fighting me? If not, I've got something > to do." Bob watched the Pidgeot fly away and grumbled. "Yeah, so do I, but first thing's first." He elbowed a pokeball on his belt, knocking it off and releasing a Pidgeotto. It flapped its wings a couple of times and stretched a bit. "Pidgeo?" "Howdy Bullet. A Pidgeot flew out that skylight carrying a pokeball. Could you try and follow it?" Bullet nodded the best a Pidgeotto could nod and flew up out of the skylight. Trent just relaxed in the grip a bit more, now looking more irritated. "You do realize you can't win, right?" Bob brought his attention back to Trent. "You know you're right, I can't " A grin snuck into Trent's sneer. "But I'm not a fighter and you obviously are." Bob advanced a couple of steps toward Trent, the vines getting shorter as the breeder moved towards Trent. "But then again with them knives you got, if I let you go, I could very well be a dead kid." Trent shrugged. He definitely wasn't denying that fact. At about 12 feet away from Trent, Bob stopped. Stroking the guy's ego seemed to work so far. Carol, who had regained most of her good senses back had reaimed the half a rifle that was in her hands back at Bob. "All right, all right I give." Bob said, doing his best to fake true sincerity. He raised his hands to the best of his ability, as the vines were still around Trent. The leaf on the top of his head also shot straight up. The vine grip started to loosen as bluish powder started to fly out from the leaf. When the dust reached Trent, he was out of the grip. Turning around, Bob headed for the stairs that lead to the front door of the Lighthouse. "Now if you're done picking on my friends, I have a Pidgeotto to hunt down." Bob said. He wasn't paying attention when Carol fired the half a rifle or when the thunk of the dart impacting his shoulder. He was however out of sight when the poison started to take effect. TBC ------- Clayton [I figure the bird's got the pokeball. Whether Ashura's still has his deathgrip on the pokeball or not I'll leave to someone else.]