Subject: Re: [PW] Passing the ComiCon! Date: 21 May 2003 09:44:13 GMT From: jsolano199@aol.comlink (Jose L. Solano) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: >Not waiting for the fifth one to bust out a drum lyric, Carol snapped >off a few shots in their direction, causing them to scatter, and fled. "Ashura was right, things get weird whenever Trent's involved..." Carol muttered to herself. As she ran down the stairs on her way out of the lighthouse, she contacted the middleman, Kurt the Abra, through her still-attached earpiece. "Kurt, where's Trent?" "He's flying on the Aerodactyl at the moment," the Abra replied. "Would you like to leave a message, or would you prefer a direct connection?" "Just let me talk to him." "Please hold..." Kurt said as he used his telepathic abilities to create a direct communication link through him. "Ack... this psychic crap feels weird," Trent said. "What happened?" "...Security showed up," Carol told him, not knowing how else to describe what had happened, "I tried poisoning the Ninetales-lady, but they got in the way." "What about that kid with the vines? Did you make sure that dart worked on him?" "He ran out, I didn't see where he went. He's probably out cold in some empty hallway right now." "Where are you now?" "Making a quick and undramatic exit." "Ashura and I can finish this. Go do whatever it is you do when you're not doing what I'm telling you to do." "Want me to stick around the area, in case you need backup?" "I said Ashura and I can finish this, now go away." "Don't have to tell me twice..." Carol, now walking with an easier pace, walked out of the lighthouse and took a deep breath. Of course, now that she actually had time to do something, she didn't have anything to do. >Meanwhile, in the nearby skies, Bullet made like his namesake towards >the pidgeot, who in turn was rather slowed down by a certain unwilling >passenger. Seeing the incoming platform, Ashura waved Bullet closer >with his free paw. Once Bullet was close enough, Ashura finally let >go, watched as the pidgeot swallowed the pokeball while he landed on >Bullet, then casually sliced into the pidgeot's stomach to extract the >prize. Before he could even look around to figure out how to get down, >though, he felt the wound closing around his claws, which he quickly >extracted with the pokeball. > >Things would have gone different had a passing gyarados not leapt from >the water and closed its mouth over the trio just then, hoping to score >a mid-day snack. "SANDSLASH!" Ashura yelled. Thinking quickly, he plunged his claws into the roof of the Gyarados's mouth. When it roared in pain, he jumped out, along with the Pidgeot and Bullet. Unfortunately, there was nothing but water beneath them, and the only one unable to fly was also the only one who was severely weakened by water. Bullet, with the Pokéball in his beak, tried to swoop down and catch him, but failed. Ashura plunged into the water and immediately felt its painful effect, as if it was eating him alive. He struggled to swim to shore, but Sandslash are rarely good swimmers, and he started to sink. In desperation, he waved his claws above the surface. Using that opportunity, Bullet grabbed him and carried him to shore. It took several minutes for Ashura to regain his senses. "Sand... slash," Ashura thanked the Pidgeotto, though it came out rather awkward, as he was not used to thanking others. "Ashura! What are you doing?!" Trent yelled from the sky, riding the Aerodactyl. "Get that Unown so we can get out of here!" "Sandslash?!" "Huh?" Trent had been so focused on getting the Unown that he didn't realize that he wasn't wearing his sunglasses. The light's effect was slower than expected, because his eyes had been just fine until Ashura had pointed it out. Now, they were beginning to sting. The Aerodactyl landed next to Ashura, and Trent rolled off, rubbing his eyes. Bullet had already left with the Pokéball, and the Pidgeot had apparently disappeared from sight. All that was left was a demon and a Sandslash, both exposed to their weaknesses. "Argh... the bird got away, didn't it?" "Slash." "Did you go for a swim or something? You smell terrible." "SANDSLASH... sand slash." "The bird got you out? The vine kid owns it. He better not think that we owe him anything..." Trent had kept his eyes closed for a good ten minutes, but he was still in pain. "...Tell you what, we'll take a quick break, then we go back to the lighthouse." "Having fun being blind?" a voice asked. "Carol," Trent said. "I knew you two would need my help. C'mon, let's get you out of here..." Carol's Feraligatr carried the weakened Ashura while Carol guided the blinded Trent. "So that's the big deal with your eyes, huh? Sunlight hurts you?" "...Yes, but not so much that I can't still stab you if you try anything. Just get me a pair of shades and I'll be fine." "...And what if I don't?" Carol asked with a rather devious tone. "Then that thing on you ear explodes, taking your head with it." "...Point taken. You'll probably need some time to recover, though." "So?" "By then, whoever has whatever it is you're looking for will probably have run to Ecruteak or something. All I'm saying is that you might as well accept defeat for today." "Grr..." Trent hated it when other people were right, but he had no choice. With his sight temporarily out and his eyes causing him increasing pain, he wouldn't be able to work as efficiently. Even if he did get back immediately, he had already wasted so much time that the whole situation could've changed. "Fine. I'll pick back up once these stupid eyes stop burning. And stop grinning." "How did you see that?" "I didn't. I just figured you were grinning like an idiot. Okay, so get me some shades and find me a place to rest." Trent stopped for a moment and pulled Carol slightly away from Feraligatr. "...And make sure Ashura gets some food and medicine... just don't tell him I told you to do that." [I'm not dropping out, you're not that lucky! For Trent Retwin, all setbacks are minor!] Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil