Subject: Re: [PW] Passing the ComiCon! Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 06:16:43 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Clayton wrote: >>>Kitsu shrugs. "We can discuss it later. Right now, we've got a >>>competition to enter. And then Aerie and I are going to find a room." >>>She winks at Aerie. >>> >>>Aerie's jaw drops. >>> >>>"Don't get any ideas. You're just going to be my costume, and it'll be >>>over my normal clothes." >>> >>>"You'll overheat. You'll have to strip sooner or later." >>> >>>"No I won't." Kitsu sticks out her tongue. >>> >>>"Yes you will. I'm not *that* cool." Aerie sticks her tongue out back. [OOC: Hmm. It sounds like people thought Aerie meant "cool" as in the contest. She meant "cool" as in preventing overheating, as in what happens when you wear many layers of clothes in a non-arctic environment for a while, as she indicated above. I wonder how I could have written it to avoid such confusion? Oh well, easily corrected for...] >>"Am I missing something?" Keaton asked. >> >>"What do you mean?" Kitsu asked back. >> >>"Well, this is a Pokemon Costume contest," Keaton explained. "From what I can >>tell, they're judging the Pokemon's, not the trainer's. Unless I totally spaced >>and missed that part." > > By this time, Bob had just finished reading the rules regarding the contest. He was > scratching his head at parts of it, but it seemed to make sense. > > "It appears that the pokemon are being judged, not the trainers." Bob stated. > > Aerie's happy look faded. > > "Sorry folks, I'm just reading the rules, I didn't write them. But if I remember right, > you have the ability to shift into an actual Ninetales right?" > > Kitsu nodded. Aerie's look brightened. > > "Then all you need is someone to act as your trainer and you can enter the contest." > > All eyes seemed to lay on Bob, who sweatdropped. > > "Oh no, you ain't geeting me up there. I'll watch, but I want no part in this. The last > thing I want to do is inadvertly have the competion take a nap." Bob protested. "Besides, > what's wrong with Keaton?" He said, almost in desparation. > > Suddenly Aerie and Kitsu stared at Keaton. > > "You know Keaton, the two of us on the stage would be better than one you know ..." > Kitsu said, reverting back to her sly mindset. Aerie snapped her fingers and winked. "Well, if *that's* how you want to play it, I can be your pokemon. Unless you think you can beat me. I'd be your pokemon for all five contests." She blushed. "Just...don't call me 'Aerie' while I'm in the role, okay? They'll get suspicious if you enter the same pokemon five times, and besides, I'm willing to help, but if word got out I was helping you *that* way, it'd be kind of embarassing. And I can be your costume when we're not in competition."