Subject: Re: [PW] Passing the ComiCon! Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 09:30:28 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: Worry wrote: > It was shaping up to be an exciting contest. Travis wondered how it would > turn out. He planned to support Becky and Kicker, deciding to be as loud as > he could when it came time. But he also admired some of the other Pokemon > on the stage. Looking around, travis spotted a clock and realized the > contest wouldn't start for a while yet. As he did so, his stomach rumbled. > T5ravis was loathe to leave the spot he had found, but he decided that a > snack was in order. Looking around, he spotted a concessions stand, and > pushed off from the column to make his way to it. The line at the concession stand on the Shining Lighthouse's third floor was so long that by the time that Travis returns to the floor where the Costume Rank Cool Pokemon Contest is being held, the contest is already about to start. Travis, who's presently carrying a Justice League Hot Dog, a bag of DC-licious Fries, and a Marvelous Milkshake isn't able to find an empty seat near the stage so he just stands and struggles to eat his food as best he can, ready to cheer for Becky when the time comes. Near Travis, Keaton and Bob also wait for the contest to begin, eager to cheer on Kitsu and Aerie. However, Keaton's attention isn't fully on the stage - he's glancing around the audience looking for a man dressed like a Ninja Squirtle or a Mouser. A sudden roar of applause catches Keaton's attention and the minoTauros turns to face the stage, where the contestants - Becky with her Hitmonchan, Robert with his Golem, Kitsu with Aerie as a Jynx, and Smasher with his Arcanine - stand in a line across from a judge who is examining their Pokemon. The moment Keaton looks at the stage, a young woman walks onto the stage and announces, "Hello! We're just getting started with a Costume Rank Pokemon Cool Contest! The participating Trainers and their Pokemon are as follows: Entry Number One - Becky's Kicker the Hitmonchan as Iron Fist..." Taking her cue, Becky, a black-haired girl wearing a skin-tight purple cat suit with a black belt trailing from her right side, takes center stage and raises the fist of the Hitmonchan disguised as Iron Fist at her side. Many members of the crowd cheer and whistle, but a portion of them are more excited about Becky's outfit than her Hitmonchan's. Travis cheers as loudly as he can despite there being some food in his mouth and notices a balding middle-aged man whistling and yelling out catcalls at Becky. Noticing that the applause meters on the railings are reacting to the noise, Travis waits for Becky to leave center stage before telling the man, "Did you know she's only thirteen years old?" "...oh, is that so?" The middle-aged man suddenly feels rather awkward. "Entry Number Two," The female MC continues, "Robert's Golem as Mr. Mixuhmixyesmix-yes-spitlick!" Robert, a black-haired man wearing a Superman outfit, takes center stage with his Golem, who's wearing a small round purple hat and a yellow vest. Some of the members of the crowd seem confused by the name given to the costume, whether they know who Mr. Mxyzptlk is or not. Those who do recognize who the Golem is supposed to be applaud Robert for the matching costume, but he doesn't get nearly as much applause as Becky did before he steps back to the line where the other contestants stand. The MC announces, "Entry Number Three - Kitsu's Jynx as Jean Grey!" Kitsu and Aerie both take center stage and Aerie starts blowing kisses to the audience with her large lips, exciting the crowd - many people start applauding. Some comic book fans in the audience question who Kitsu is supposed to be dressed up as, but a hard-core fan who overhears the queries answers by shouting that she's clearly dressed up as Crimson Fox. This gets the crowd to cheer even louder for Kitsu and Aerie! Once Kitsu and Aerie head back into the line, the MC says, "And last but not least, Entry Number Four - Adam's..." "Smasher's," Smasher corrects the announcer from the sidelines. The MC continues, "Smasher's Rush the Arcanine as Blade!" "Hola, seņores y seņoritas!" Rush says in a smooth voice as he struts up to center stage ahead of Smasher, the Arcanine looking rather cool wearing his black leather jacket, sunglasses, and sword. Some members of the crowd applaud loudly for the Legendary Fire Pokemon who knows how to speak Spanish, most of them not even noticing that he has a Trainer. "We've just seen the four Pokemon contestants," notes the MC as Rush and Smasher go back to their spots at the far right of the line of contestants, "Now it's time for primary judging! The audience will vote on their favorite Pokemon contestants. Without any further ado, let the voting begin!" The MC walks over to Becky, places her hand over Kicker the Hitmonchan's head, and asks, "Entry Number One?" A large portion of the audience applauds Becky's Hitmonchan. The MC walks up to Robert next and places her hand over his Golem's head, "Entry Number Two?" Less amount of people cheer, but there's still quite a bit of applause. Next, the MC approaches Kitsu and places her hand over Aerie's head, "Entry Number Three?" The audience goes wild! More people cheer for Aerie than for Kicker. The MC heads to where Smasher is standing, places her hand over Rush's head, and asks, "Entry Number Four?" Rush receives about the same amount of applause as Robert's Golem did, but from different parts of the crowd. The MC walks back to her place next to Wanda, the Judge from Hoenn's Verdanturf City, and proclaims, "While the votes are being tallied, let's move on to secondary judging! The second stage of judging is the much anticipated appeal time! May the contestants amaze us with superb appeals of dazzling moves! Let's see a little enthusiasm! Let's appeal! Kitsu and Jynx, you're up first." Robert releases a sigh of relief, glad that he doesn't have to go first. This is the first Pokemon Contest he's ever entered and he's not sure exactly what move to have his Golem perform as an appeal. He watches as Kitsu and the Jynx by her side take center stage before Wanda to appeal. -Rob (( NS: I decided it would be better for authors spice their entries up a little with appeals. The appeal order is: Kitsu [the appeal can be posted by Adrian], Becky, Smasher, and Robert. To appeal, just have your Pokemon perform a move on one of the stone blocks set up as targets. ))