Subject: Re: [PW!] Profile of a Pokemon-Training Magician Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 04:54:22 -0400 From: Rob <> Organization: Posted via Supernews, Newsgroups: Sabereye (Chet Weaver) wrote: > Marvin suddenly finds that a bug net has been thrown over his head. Though not > exactly what you call an effective catching tool when dealing with things as big > as Marvin, the magician is a tad concerned about what sort of lunatic would be > trying to catch him with a bug net. He turns around slowly, hoping it's the > good kind of lunatic whose romantically obsessed with middle-aged magicians. > Much to his relief and dismay, the holder of the net is just a twelve-year-old > girl in overalls and a straw hat. > > "I'm Cicada Kukaracha!" the girl proclaims. She pulls out a PokeBall with a > web-like design on it and enlarges it. "Bug catcher extraordinaire! I caught > you in my net, and that means you have to fight me!" "Great, another random Trainer with a cheesy intro!" Marvin withdraws a small Pokeball from his golden tuxedo and enlarges it. "And you train Bug Pokemon! I once heard that all Bug Pokemon are weak to Fire, so I thank you in advance for helping my Torchic gain experience." He throws the Pokeball and a small orange Torchic emerges from it. "Ha! Shows what YOU know." Cicada narrows her eyes, bothered that Marvin thought her introduction was cheesy, "Surskit, go!" Cicada chucks her Net Ball over to where Marvin's Torchic is standing and a small blue Bug Pokemon with four long legs appears. "Surskit, Water Gun!" "Whaaa?!" Is all Marvin says as the Bug Pokemon shoots a stream of water at his Fire Pokemon. The attack's pressure knocks Marvin's Torchic over, but once it's over, she's able to get up again. The magician points at Cicada's Surskit and commands, "Torchic, Quick Attack!" "Two can play that game." Cicada calls out, "Surskit, Quick Attack!" Marvin's Torchic hops up and lunges at Cicada's Surskit in a Quick Attack! The attack hits the Pokemon, who gets knocked back but remains standing. The small smile the Surskit wore moments ago turns into a frown and the Bug Pokemon uses Quick Attack on the Torchic, knocking her over once more. This time, however, the Fire Pokemon doesn't stand up. "I thank YOU for helping my Surskit gain experience." Cicada grins as she picks up her Net Ball and pulls her Surskit back into it. Marvin recalls his fainted Torchic, hands Cicada half of his money in accordance with Hoenn League rules, and comments, "I didn't know Bug Pokemon could learn Water attacks, Cicada." "They can if they're part Water," says Cicada as she puts the money away in a kerchief she's holding, "Hey, you haven't even told me your name yet. I told you mine, it would be nice of you to return the favor." Marvin raises his arms and frowns when fireworks do not shoot out of his sleeves, "I'm Marvin the Magnificent, magician once-extraordinare but currently rather poor, without props, and lost in the Petalburg Woods." "Talk about a cheesy intro..." Cicada remarks before saying, "How could you get lost in these Woods? I mean, I've been spending so much time here lately I know the place like the back of my hand, but I didn't get lost even the first time I came here searching for Bug Pokemon." "Hmmm..." Marvin wonders, "How well do you know the back of your hand?" Cicada answers, "Really well." Marvin says, "In that case, could you please show me the way to Rustboro City's Gym? A girl about your age had her Zigzagoon steal three of my Pokemon and my wallet, along with some other wallets, and I think she might have visited the Gym. I'd be really grateful if you did this favor for me - I could even help you look for Bug Pokemon along the way!" -Marvin