Subject: Re: [PW!] See ya, Cianwood! Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 04:20:47 -0500 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > Once farewells are issued from the students sitting at the table, > including a very happy one from Timmy and a very sad one from Chuck's > wife, Belle's mom pulls out a Pokeball and releases the Abra she caught > weeks ago. > > Belle grabs one of the Abra's hands with one of her hands and waves > farewell with her free hand as her mom grabs the Abra's other hand. "See > ya, Cianwood!" Belle says seconds before her mother commands, "Abra, > Teleport to Violet City!" Belle, her mother, and the Abra disappear. Back on a little Mareep farm outside Violet City, Sarah's family eagerly await the return of both Sarah and her mother. All the while, Bob was out in the pasture, keeping the Mareep out of trouble. The Unown that were with Bob seemed a little too compliant with the idea of farmkeeping, but he welcomed the lack of an argument and kept to his task. His own Mareep was frolicking about the field among the others, enjoying himself. The farm's guard Jolteon was laying on the ground content, Bob scratching behind one of it's ears. A bit of wind kicked up as Belle, her mother and an Abra Teleported right in front of the front door. The Jolteon wan towards the now reunited family while Bob stayed at the top of the little hill. He returned to watching the Mareep eat and play almost innocently. It took about half an hour for the tears and such to stop and for anyone to remember about Bob watching the sheep pokemon. Five minutes later, Teddy and Belle come up the hill. When the two meet up with Bob, a little Teddiursa is behind them a bit, running to catch up with Teddy. Belle looks at Bob and scowls. Slowly the scowl disappears and she offers a handshake. Bob takes a minor sigh of relief that he didn't get beaten up. He accepts the handshake while Teddy picks up the little Teddiursa that finally caught up. "Thanks for helping my mother." Belle said kind of bluntly. "It's the least I could do, you know to apolgize for that little incident and to learn a couple things myself." Bob replied, head hung down a bit. With perfect time to break up a dramatic moment, Teddy decided to bound in. "So Bob you staying for supper?" Bob bent down and ruffled up the little kid's hair. "Sorry there, but I have to get to Violet soon. I have to go and ge me badge there." Teddy pouted a bit. "Besides, this is her day and not mine," he added quietly, motioning towards Belle. "Aww..." "Sorry kid." Bob said, calling his own Mareep over. Getting on his knees when it trotted it's way over, Bob petted it for a bit, noting its depressed look he told him that they had to leave. The gears whirled in his head and he got an idea. "How would you guys like to take care of Zapper here?" Bob offered, pointing to his Mareep. Zapper has a look that was a mix between shock and happiness. "What's the catch?" Belle asked. "None." Teddy cheered the loudest and glomped poor Zapper. Bob took his pokeball off of his belt and held it out. Teddy looked at it in a sort of rapt awe, nobody ever offered him one before. Before Belle could protest or even open her mouth, Teddy snatched the pokeball. Bob kneeled down in front of Zapper. After a touchy-feely moment, Bob got up and started to walk away. He took enough time out to smile and wave before heading off to Violet City. For some unknown reason, the Pokemon Center seemed like the place to go to. Either way it seemed to be a good idea -- rest up before taking on Falkner at the Gym. Near the outskirts of Violet, Bob cast a glance at the Ruins of Alph. Part of his mind drew him to the ruins, to explore them while another part wanted to get as far away from them as possible. Of course, there was Bob's mind itself -- the part that was free from the Unown's influence. It was the most confused, but the part in the least control. That part knew he had to go to the gym for a badge, but it also knew that birds had a type-advantage against grass-types -- but he needed the badge so he'd go. After at least five minutes of what bob figured was the Unown bickering about the Ruins, they finally let him move again. Within half an hour, Bob was relaxing in a chair at the Violet City Pokemon Center. Inwardly, he hoped all would go peacefully here. TBC ------- Clayton (FINALLY! School puts such a damper on creativity!)