From: luneric ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Sub Plot Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-22 10:46:04 PST > "Yup, that's me, the annoying SHAKKmaster," Bo said. "Sneasel, Houndoom, Beat > Up!" > Using strength given by /all/ of Bo's other carried pokemon, the two Dark > types lay waste to the three Magma pokemon. The Magmas returned their pokemon > and ran. "You weren't invited to the party!" The usual sceptical voice sounded pretty familiar to Bo, although he couldn't see where it came from until ben peeled himself off the wall. "Hey look, they missed a spot!" he joked, pointing to a clean spot above bens forehead. At this time though, ben had more important things to thing about than his personal appearance - he had just realised that mimic had dissapeared. Turning back to SHAKKmaster he asked "Did you see where Mim... a zigzagoon went? Have you seen any trainers in here?" Not knowing what form mimic would be in, it was hard to ask Bo if he had seen him. "Looks like you've been training your Aggron," SHAKKmaster commented cooly, scrutinizing his shiny armour, "I think he might be a shiny pokemon." Ben tried to walk out of the room, but Bo blocked him. "Can you move?" Bo asked why. "Can't you just move?" SHAKKmaster obviously wanted a reason, so ben looked round to blade, and nodded. The armoured pokemon started to move towards Bo, and Houndoom and Sneasel jumped at Blade, but were both thrown off, and then the almighty SHAKKmaster landed next to them. Ben recalled Blade and dashed the way Sapphire had bolted.