From: SHAKKmaster ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Sub Plot Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-28 15:18:02 PST luneric wrote: >"I would wait here for SHAKKmaster, but well, I gotta get to Mt Silver," >Ben told Mawile, who was still attached to his leg. He kicked the door >open, but there was no sign of any of his capturers. "I suppose they >must have seen GenKnights ugly mug and evacuated...!" Just at that >moment, who was he to bump into but... "GenKnight! Guess who!" Not being >his greatest fan, GenKnight just gave ben one of those, 'Shut up before >I sereously hurt you...' looks. Bo came running behind his pokemon, >looking around suspiciously. Giving him a friendly look ben said, >"Comon, lets get out of here before the Aquas come back - and I'm >starved! After lunch I need to leave for mount you want some >company on the hike?" "What hike?" Bo said, recalling Havoc and Blazerion. "GenKnight, Teleport." The three appeared under Sureswift2's tree, or rather two did. Ben was rematerialized into the top of the tree, quickly finding that gravity is not optional.