From: Clayton ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Sub Plot Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-30 23:25:03 PST luneric <> wrote in message news:bqd91d$9k2$ > Not seeing Bob, his girafarig or Sapphire anywhere, ben decided to get a > move on (after he and mawile had eaten!) > > "YES!" Sapphire clenched his fists, looked happy for the first time in a > while, "He's finally leaving...!" "Don't count your Pidgeys before they hatch." Bob warned, watching Ben stop, thinking that he did, in fact, hear somebody. Shrugging it off as either another trap or just hearing things, Ben just keeps going. Sapphire sighs a huge sigh of relief. #He's lost it# Raffy sighed, both heads hung down. "Ya think I should sedate him?" Bob whispered conspiratorily. #Nah, it's good entertainment# The Girafarig whispered back. So breeder and pokemon took in the interesting sight, which was Sapphire, a Team Rocket undercover agent, practically happy dancing over the fact that he got rid of someone. Maybe it was the fact that he couldn't just kill him, or maybe he just took one too many blows to the head. Bob shrugged Deciding to make a bit of conversation until Mimic returns, plus to stop the floor show, Bob turns to the other guy. "So what brings a guy like you out to a place like this?" Sapphine grins. "One could ask the same of you." The breeder thinks about it, then shrugs. "Fair enough. Spent some time at a concert and when I got back, I ended up here. Find my way to a gym and got recruited by Sabrina for something or other. That's one person I don't want to tick off, I like me just the way I am. Your turn." TBC ------- Clayton