From: Bandraptor ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Sub Plot Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-21 17:42:23 PST luneric wrote: > Later, 'garados' poped his scaly head above the water, next to a seculed > rockface with an entrance carved into it. As the dragon surfaced, the > airbubble on its back plopped as it met the air; the two trainers > climbed off, and mimic changed form, to a large zigzagoon. The trio > walked into the cave entrance, ben looking around still with a > suspicious look on his face. > > Watching from above, a man commented, "looks like we've got company - > he's fallen for the bait, and brought some friends too." He and two > others absailed down the cliff and followed them into the cave. Led by Mimic, Ben and Sapphire descend a stone stairwell into the lower level of the cave. Gradually, the terrain begins to change, with the rocky walls and floors being replaced by beige plaster and blue tile. Soon, the group finds themselves at the bottom of the staircase, inside a large, dimly lit room that is filled wall-to-wall with beat up machinery and old computer equipment. Filly the Torchic hops down from Sapphire's shoulder, and toddles over to one of the machines, eager to investigate. There is a loud clatter as an Electrode rolls out from underneath the equipment, ready to attack! Ben commands the Mawile that's hidden inside his baggy jeans, "Astonish!" The Steel Pokemon leaps out into the open, growling rabidly, and gnashing its true set of fangs. The Electrode Flinches at the sight, sweatdrops, and uses its Swift technique to roll away as quickly as possible. "This place is dangerous!" Sapphire exclaims, scooping the shaken Filly into his arms. Ben rolls down his pants leg, concealing the Mawile once more. "New Mauville was originally designed to be a major power plant, but the generator was shut down a few years ago. Electric Pokemon have overrun the place since then." "And you were planning to tell us this...when?" Sapphire demands. "Mimic suspect New Mauville overrun only after Team Magma make it home," the brown Zigzagoon surmises, "Electrode make cheap security system, keep most trespassers at bay. Team Magma likely train bomb balls themselves, station here as guards. Mimic believe Team Rocket use similar tactic protect Johto base." Sapphire looks at his feet, realizing that he should have anticipated such an obvious booby trap, particularly since he used to work at the base that Mimic is referring to. He walks over to one of the computers, and turns it on, hoping that a map of the Electrodes' locations might be stored somewhere on the hard drive. "Hrrmmm," he mutters, flipping through the files, "plan nine." Ben joins Sapphire in front of the monitor. "Plan nine? What's that?" "A Unix clone." Sapphire gestures to the screen. Since Ben is focussing on the computer, he does not see Raksha the Houndoom as she darts around a corner, and into the next room, determined to carry out her master's numerical command, which calls for reconnaissance. Meanwhile... ... A female Team Magma grunt is standing at the top of the staircase, listening in on Mimic, Ben, and Sapphire. She pulls one Pokeball from her belt, smirking, "Heh, Electrodes are the least of their worries--come on, let's get 'em!" One of the male Magmas who's standing beside her immediately starts down the flight of stairs, while the other one hangs back, with a look of terror on his face. He begs the female, "Can't we just let the Electrodes handle them?" The female Magma grabs her partner by the hood of his uniform, and drags him down the stairs, even as he protests, "But what if they fight back?" TBC? --Beth Pokemon o ubatte kanemouke! Pokemon o tsukatte kanemouke! Subete no Pokemon wa Roketto Dan no tame ni!