From: luneric ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Sub Plot Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-22 06:35:02 PST Bandraptor wrote: > Led by Mimic, Ben and Sapphire descend a stone stairwell into the > lower level of the cave. Gradually, the terrain begins to change, with > the rocky walls and floors being replaced by beige plaster and blue > tile. Soon, the group finds themselves at the bottom of the > staircase, inside a large, dimly lit room that is filled wall-to-wall > with beat up machinery and old computer equipment. > > Filly the Torchic hops down from Sapphire's shoulder, and toddles over > to one of the machines, eager to investigate. There is a loud clatter > as an Electrode rolls out from underneath the equipment, ready to > attack! Ben commands the Mawile that's hidden inside his baggy jeans, "Astonish!" The Steel Pokemon leaps out into the open, growling rabidly, and flinging itself around, as it is still attached to bens leg. The cowerdly Electrode Flinches at the sight, sweatdrops, and uses its Swift technique to roll away as quickly as possible. "That seems to have done the trick," ben commented with pride, although wondering to himself why mawile obeyed him. When they found him, he planned to ask Bob if mawile shed their teeth. <snip> > A female Team Magma grunt is standing at the top of the staircase, > listening in on Mimic, Ben, and Sapphire. She pulls one Pokeball from > her belt, smirking, "Heh, Electrodes are the least of their > worries--come on, let's get 'em!" > > One of the male Magmas who's standing beside her immediately starts > down the flight of stairs, while the other one hangs back, with a look > of terror on his face. He begs the female, "Can't we just let the > Electrodes handle them?" The female Magma grabs her partner by the > hood of his uniform, and drags him down the stairs, even as he > protests, "But what if they fight back?" Ben motions for sapphire to shut up with his hand, and the trio listen as the three grunts arguing gives them away. "Hey guys, it looks like we've got company!" he whispered as he picked a pokeball of his belt and sent out blade, his strongest aggron. Sapphire gawped as the pokemon came out - ben had obviously been training it well as its metal armour reflected light almost like a mirror. Just as the three grunts came down the stairs, there was a loud explosion from the other room and sapphire feared the worst, so went into the other room to investigate, leaving ben and mimic to face a Camerupt, a Ninetails and a Linnoone. The Linnoone, like its trainer was too cowardly to do anything, but the camerupt and the ninetails immidiately shot flamethrowers at Blade, not considering an oversized zigzagoon to be a threat. The two pokemon were gobsmacked when their own beams of fire had been deflected back at them by blades polished armour. Their two strongest pokemon being beaten effortlessly, the grunts were getting desperate. "Forget his pokemon, HIT THE TRAINER!" For once the linnoone listened, darted past blade and blasted ben with a mud shot, which hit home and the trainer flew into a corner, covered head to toe and unconcious. "Mimic think now would be a good time for Sapphire to show up..." the zigzagoon muttered to himself as the grunts and their pokemon started to close in.