From: Ben ( Subject: [PW!] Taken for Granite Newsgroups: Date: 2003-10-27 10:38:01 PST "Do I really deserve this?" Ben shivered as he spoke, despite being covered in many blankets. His swampert was not a very strong swimmer and it being his first visit to Hoenn, he didn't know that the water outside slateport was very tidal. In other words, he was now in dewford with nothing but six pokemon, no money and a few potions. He jumped when the nurse spoke to him, "I'm locking up now, so do you want to stay here for the night?" He reclined and strolled off into the night, towards a dark cave entrance. On walking into the cave, he shivered and immediately sent out Nails, a hulky agron. Walking together, ben sudenly heard a noise and stopped. Out of the dim light sudenly leaped a huge, manacing, 2' tall...mawile. Nails smirked before skiding down and covering the tiny pokemon in a mud slap. "Nice work Nails! Pokeball go!" The pokeball closed the mawile in a beam of red light...rocking once...rocking twice...but then it burst out and before pokemon or trainer could do a thing mawile clamped it's huge jaws down on bens leg. This was obviously quite painful...OOOOWW-WWHHWW-WHHAHH-WWWWAAA! Nails tried, unsuccesfully, to kick the tiny pokemon off, but was just buffeted by a powerful faint attack. Knocked by suprise the pokemon fell backwards, dragging himself, ben and mawile down into a crack in the floor. Realising he could do nothing in the complete darkness, ben eventually got to sleep, despite the throbbing pain in his leg.