Subject: Re: [PW!] That ol' Familiar Grind Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 23:09:22 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Clayton wrote: > In front of the Burned Tower, Bob took a deep breath. He knew that > fire-types and ghosts resided in the tower, each type sending a chill down > a different part of him. Braving both, he hobbled slowly in. Quickly, he > found a long, staff-like piece of wood lying around which the young > breeder used for a walking stick. Finding his way down to the basement, > Bob looked for anything he could train on. > > Outside, from a dark and shadowed locale, Dharak watched silently. > Since Amber and Jason had tken a personal day, he decided to spy on > someone else to bide time. > > Back inside, Gee had let himself out, sensing that he could Give something. > The best he could give was a lending ear (relatively speaking) and privacy. The next morning... "No." "But-" "No." "I-" "No." Aerie frowned. "Look," Kitsu patiently explained, "bringing company would scare him off. This is something that Keaton and I have to do ourselves." "So? He doesn't need to know I'm with you." Kitsu rolled her eyes. "You're not as good at stealth as you think you are. And before you say it, even another pokemon might be too much." Aerie shrugged. "That still gives me a lot of options." "Like what?" Aerie reached out to Kitsu's chest. In a flash, Kitsu was wearing a loose necklace, whose plain golden pendant lightly brushed the top of her clevage. "Oh, ha, ha, very funny." Kitsu picked up the pendant. "Off." Nothing happened. "OFF!" #Hehe. Jewelry isn't company.# "Agggh. I don't have *time* for this!" Kitsu reached back to undo the latch, only to find there was none. When she tried to take it off anyway, she found the necklace just a little too small to fit around her skull. #Hehehe! You're tickling me!# "Grrr..." She took a breath to calm herself. "Fine, you can come, unless he detects you anyway." #Thanks. I nearly lost one friend last night; I'm not about to lose another.# Kitsu blinked. "That almost sounded...honest." #Look, whatever you're angry about, I'm sorry. Okay?# Kitsu stayed silent as she finished getting dressed. In truth, she was not angry, but Angry...but why did that matter? Aerie was too busy enjoying her new perch to notice such thoughts. Where she was was warm and very comfortable; she soon caught herself almost nodding off as her ride headed to breakfast. TBC?