From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The Cove Cave Caper Newsgroups: Date: 2003-10-30 23:39:15 PST Clayton wrote: > Bob sneezed as he continued wandering about the City of Lilycove, completely > lost. > > "You wouldn't happen to know what way to go Mimic? Cause I don't want to > accidently incinerate anything else today and I'm lost completly." Bob said, > unknowingly standing in front of the Department Store "Mimic think *maybe* good idea if got out of city As Soon As Possible." Bob's ear twitched. "You're not telling me something." "Mimic think very very good idea Bob no accidentally incinerate things. Mimic...offer train. Once out of danger zone. Saw good place on cliff; Mimic could be tent for night, after get food." "Okay...look." Bob clapped a hand on Mimic's shoulder. "What's got you so nervous? Tell me. I can take it." Mimic had been shaking a bit, but stilled himself on Bob's words. Morphing into a copy of Bob so he could look Bob in the eyes, he replied, "Solarbeam most powerful grass-type move. Bob know some control of other moves, but barely in control this one. Bob danger himself, others until learn control power. More so than most pokemon: Bob have power of advanced adult, training and practice of child. If no careful, Bob burn self up, possibly explode with much force. Put bluntly, Bob walking bomb." "Like an electrode?" "Electrodes get better." Bob gulped as Mimic's words set in. "NO PANIC. Bob MUST retain mental control right now. Lose control *cause* bad things happen. That why Mimic no want say until safe." #Don't make me come in there.# "..." Bob looked at 'himself'. "No, I'm fine. If you're offering, sure, I'd like to know how to use this power." 'Bob's' shoulders relaxed. "Good. Come on, spot short walk this way." He headed towards the cliffs overlooking the base they had recently vacated. The trio walked in a semi-uncomfortable silence, different things on each one's mind. Raffy's concern gained voice first. #So that's what you're like when you're stressed.# "..." #What Raffy mean?# #You said "me". Not "Mimic".# #...# #Come on, do I need to repeat it?# #No, Raffy right. But consider who Mimic is right now: did Mimic mean Mimic-Mimic, or Bob-Mimic?# His smirk was audible in the ditto's mental voice, even though Raffy was looking at his back. #Sure, whatever.# --- The spot turned out to be a circle of dirt amongst the grass, marked in white chalk except for an off-center cross. It was as if someone had not quite measured things right when making the cross, but for some reason they could not help the impression that it was an icon of some sort. "This spot." Mimic was still in Bob's form, but he seemed nowhere near as tired as the real thing. "Good," Bob huffed. "Mind if I take a break before training?" "Actually, yes. Fatigue recovery first lesson, and Bob fatigued now." "You've got to be kidding me." "Nope. Charge up - but gently. Slowly. Bob only going use small bit of energy for this." "Alright." Several motes of light rushed into Bob... "*Gently*." ...but only for a second, before becoming a mere trickle. It was still enough to make Bob glow, albeit barely visibly in the light of the sunset. "Now, focus energy inside, on tired muscles. Let seep into tissue, rather than merely stored by and around tissue." Bob closed his eyes in concentration, letting his glow fade. When his eyes opened, he was no longer breathing hard. "What just happened?" "Photosynthesis. Think sugar boost. Bob no as capable of it as pokemon who specialize in that move, but Bob have better control internal energy flows than most. Can redirect destructive energy to other uses. Given no proper outlet, Bob must redirect energy to use properly." "I take it you're also capable?" "That...part of Oak's gift. Mimic no know whether Bob already have, or whether TM gave to Bob. But energy energy. Anyway, when Bob ready, Mimic think know why Bob burned earlier. Have different method try." Bob held his arms out to call up another ball. "Ready when you are." "Possibility: energy per area. No concentrate all near hands. Try flaring some back along forearms, and keep hands slightly further apart. Think project as beam, not ball: move called Solarbeam for reason." The breeder's leaves were glowing before Mimic finished his explanation, and before long, a diffuse white beam taller than Bob shot out towards the horizon. But when it faded, the ground that had intersected the beam seemed only slightly singed. "Hmm. Maybe no spread out *that* much..." --- 10 AM saw the local Officer Jenny putting up on her motorcycle. "Hey, you over there!" A bleary-eyed trainer staggered out of the sole tent on the cliff. "Nuh...?" "No camping an hour after sunrise. Pack up your tent and move along." "Sorry. I was up until midnight training." "Yeah, yeah. Just don't leave any litter like the last people who were training here. I still don't know where she got all those turnips," she grumbled, mostly to herself. Bob blinked. "Hey, Mimic, weren't you going to get some food?" #Bob sustained self with light. Mimic likewise. Probably should get real food now, though.# "What about Raffy?" #You don't remember that pink marshmallow that came by? He brought some apples.# "..." Bob blinked. "I'd say you made that up, but I only remember half of what happened. Let's just get to the pokemon center." Jenny could have sworn she only took her eyes off the camper for a moment, but when she looked back, they were gone - leaving not a trace, as if they had just teleported away. TBC?