From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The Cove Cave Caper Newsgroups: Date: 2003-10-13 00:21:09 PST Clayton wrote: > An hour later, the three of them stood on Lilycove's beach, staring at the cave > that was one Team's Base. > > "You ready to go? I'd hate to dissapoint." Bob said, with an uncharacteristic > glint in his eyes. > > "Mimic ready." > > "Cool. Raffy, stay here and hold down the fort." > > #But we don't have a fort.# the Girafaeig replied in smartass style > > "Yeah yeah," the breeder deadpanned as Mimic Transformed into > transport to get to the cave "Mimic surprised Bob agreed to this," the temporary zigzagoon commented while paddling through the water, still getting used to how the fur was able to trap enough air to float the pair - to say nothing of being a type of pokemon he had met but five minutes prior. So far, this form seemed to be a keeper. "Hey, you heard what Sabrina said. We're going to be hunted anyway, we might as well bring the fight to them." "Bob could just leave." "And leave them with an unown?" "Point...but this about more than that." The pair were silent the rest of the way to the cave. --- "Geez, is that a splash attack?" Bob held one arm up to cover his face as Mimic shook off the water. "Mimic have better ways remove water, but if no mind, rather keep this form for bit. Just need few more minutes for form to set, then can recall again in day or two. That usually enough for Mimic permanently remember form." "Whatever. I don't see any guards yet-" *TZZZZ* "-WATCH IT!" Bob leapt back when a thunderbolt shot from Mimic's fur towards the far wall, carving a line in the ceiling. "Hmm. Mimic thought saw security camera, but looks like connection to base circuitry rusted. No conduct bolt." "Well, if they didn't know we were here before, they do now." Bob gently sat on Mimic's back again. "Let's hide outsWHOOOOAAA!" Mimic dusted the floor with an ice beam, creating a slick path from the water's edge to a door visible beyond, then hurled himself onto the path. He slid with minimal friction, occasionally pawing the ground to the side of the path to gain speed, and at the last second leaned forwards and leapt up so Bob became a battering ram. The doors gave easily. "Owww!" Bob's forehead throbbed as Mimic created more ice path to land on, continuing their accelerating slide. "What do you think you're-" *WHABOOOOM* Bob looked over his shoulder, seeing smoke and flame pour out of the entrance cavern. "Booby trapped. We were the boobies. Hopefully, no will be too many more - and Mimic doubt enough destroy base. Bombs probably decay, left here long time ago. Once trigger or disarm, should be able explore base at leisure. But at least pretty sure no will encounter guards here: this place abandoned." "You've been here before?" "Nope, but at this pace, pretty sure can outrun bombs as encounter them. Just so long as don't run into dead end." "What? You can just hyper beam the walls, or teleport us away." "Maybe. Will see. But have give up this form: only knows speech, ice beam, thunderbolt, surf. Mimic do that if needed, but rather not until have to. Rather Bob solar beam or razor leaf walls if possible, but no know how much light will be deep inside, nor how thick walls. Besides, zig 'n' zag through base maybe fun." "'Fun', he says..." As they passed the outer offices, their motion tripped a detector that triggered another bomb...whose entire remaining glory was a puff of smoke, which at least detached it from the wall, letting it fall onto a computer whose owner had been pried away from it mid-game. A few electrical shorts soon redirected the Electric Chocochu theme from the computer's speakers to what remained of the base's PA system. TBC?