From: Clayton ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The Cove Cave Caper Newsgroups: Date: 2003-10-13 22:20:16 PST > "Nope, but at this pace, pretty sure can outrun bombs as encounter them. > Just so long as don't run into dead end." > > "What? You can just hyper beam the walls, or teleport us away." > > "Maybe. Will see. But have give up this form: only knows speech, ice > beam, thunderbolt, surf. Mimic do that if needed, but rather not until > have to. Rather Bob solar beam or razor leaf walls if possible, but no > know how much light will be deep inside, nor how thick walls. Besides, > zig 'n' zag through base maybe fun." > > "'Fun', he says..." > > As they passed the outer offices, their motion tripped a detector that > triggered another bomb...whose entire remaining glory was a puff of > smoke, which at least detached it from the wall, letting it fall onto a > computer whose owner had been pried away from it mid-game. A few > electrical shorts soon redirected the Electric Chocochu theme from the > computer's speakers to what remained of the base's PA system. Other booby traps had similar lackluster effects, however a couple were still in a perfectly functional state. For those, Bob was very glad to know Reflect. Further along held more of the same mediocre bombs and dud security devices. However on the floor looked like an old and discarded box. Bob went to inspect it while Mimic decided to slide around the floor a bit more claiming investigation. It looked like a TM, and was even labelled with "HTM022". Shrugging to himself, Bob just picked up the strange TM box and took it with them while they investigated some more. Another room actually had a new kind of bomb ... which would have made a real mess had it not decayed over time. It's original design was to Thunder Wave a somewhat large area, then Thunderbolt it, then explode, causing mass bodily harm to whosoever tripped. But time was mean to the the bomb, and as such, the vast electrical stores of power were reduced to a few sparks, and the explosion was little more than a pop. However Bob and Mimic did give the bomb's show a 9.0. ---------- Outside the cave, two Team Aqua goons were staring out at the base. The pair took a look at the unduarded Girafarig and decided to leave it alone. The fact that Raffy's look said "Try it and die" meant nothing. Shaking thier heads, the two goons hopped on a Wailmer and Surfed over to the cave's entrance. The goons started to go through the decayed remains of their base, making notes on what's been tripped and improvements and damages done. Seeing no clue as to what or who did this, the two walked forward, until promptly slipping and falling on their butts, courtesy of one of Mimic's icy trails. "That look recent" One goon said, in a distinctly masculine voice. "Someone must be in there," a female's voice replied. "We'd better be careful, even if it is only an ice-type." The male goon noted. "Agreed." the female replied as they started to follow the ice trails being left by Mimic. ---------- On the beach, Raffy watched the Team Aqua members go to and into the base. 'Hope breeder boy can handle it' he thought ---------- Somewhere deep within the depths of the abandonned hideout, Bob sneezed. And it was loud enough to set off yet another bomb trap. This time, the bomb was about at 75% working capacity, which warranted another getaway via an ice-slicked floor. Again was Bob's heasd used for a battering ram to open an aged and broken door. Again Bob's "Owww!" could be heard. All and all, it was deja vu all over again. Deeper still within the hideout, the pair came up to a room. Upon entering, the room was actually carpeted, and kind of nicely decorated ... and still relatively unscathed by the ravages of time. But the oddest part was that the room adjacent to the one they were currently was showing signs of life. They very quiickly got out of that room and around the corner, before they even noticed what was actually in that room, if anything dangerous. Suddenly something clicked into Bob's head, something that Mimic said earlier. "Um Mimic," "Yes?" the little Zigzagoon replied, still liking the form. "I don't know Solarbeam" Mimic facefaulted, which was a comical sight. When he got up, he caught sight of the box that Bob was holding. "What that?" "Dunno. Kinda looks like a TM, TM22 I think. But I don't know what Hoenn's TM 22 is." TBC ------- Clayton Do not adjust your set, the problem is with reality