From: YCBY \(Chet Weaver\) ( Subject: [PW!] The Darkness Comes! (Was re: [PW] The Trouble With Tribbles, I Mean Nincada) Newsgroups: Date: 2003-08-20 22:53:04 PST Wanna hear a secret? I was reading newsgroup messages when Adrian Tymes <> wrote in message news:<>... > > Keaton looked to his right, spied the nervous - and so far unhurt - > wobbuffet standing there, grinned like a maniac, picked it up, and began > striking around him like a demonic baseball player. The blue pokemon > continued to remain nearly impervious to damage, to the great pain and > misery of its fellows. [1] > > With the large swaths of enemies thus hurled into the walls with each > swing, it did not take long for most of the hallway to be cleared. The > sides were lined with barely-moving and unmoving pokemon; the few who > evaded Keaton's power smashes were quickly knocked out by Kitsu. > Constantly keeping its defenses up was rather draining on the > unfortunate weapon, and worse, Keaton could feel it; just as its barrier > dropped, Keaton tossed it in the air gently, letting it come down > straight into his upwards punch. "WOBBA Wooobbbbaaaa... *ding*" could > soon be heard from the new hole in the roof. > > "Now *that* was extreme!" Smasher enthused as the group walked up to the > two sheathing their swords. "I mean-" > > "Boast when we're safe," Aerie interrupted. "It's a safe bet that > wizard knows we're here, and if I were him I'd just collapse this tunnel > in on us - failed minions included. It'd be the evil thing to do." > She nodded to a door ahead, at the limit of their vision. "Past that > door, right?" > > "Yes," Jordan confirmed. > > Aerie smiled, cracking her knuckles and stretching her palms in the > door's direction. "Ladies first. HYPER BEAM!" One U-shaped light show > later, they charged the rubble where the door, not to mention the wall > and roof above the door, used to be, now open to the sky and sunlight. The group stepped through the hole as the dust cleared in dramatic fasion. Despite the wreckage, the room was quite opulent in a dark, forboding kind of way. It seemed as if every surface was made from either black crystal or obsidian. The remaining sunlight glistened fruitlessly of every surface it could as the sun outside began to disappear under the horizon. Shadow lingered over almost everything, as if the darkness itself was a decorative clothe to drape over otherwise hideous furniture. "Show yourself, Rossiter!" Jordan demanded. He loaded his bow, preparing to strike at a moment's notice. The presence of silence seemed to be solely to spite Jordan's wishes. To the untrained, the room seemed devoid of life with the exception of those who had just enterred. Smasher, however, with his honed channeler senses, could feel the evil dripping off the very walls of the room. It practically poured from the ceiling, washing over the furniture and collecting on the floor in a pool that rose so high it you could almost drown in it. Aerie felt it as well, being unable to pinpoint the exactly location of the occupant's mind as if it filled the room itself. "Oh, did you mean now?" a slick, deep, throaty voice said. It then laughed, quite pleased at its little joke. "We will defeat you once and for all!" Jordan threatened. The voice laughed uncontrollably for a good five minutes. It practically hyperventilated. "You fool!" Rossiter taunted. "How do you expect to beat me when you've played right into my hands!?" Jordan noticed a gleam from one corner of the room and immediately shot an arrow into it. All he succeeded in doing was shattering a glass vase. "I told you," Rossiter continued. "I told you that the princess would walk oh so willingly into my waiting clutches. That she would stop at nothing to be at my side. But you denied it again and again. Even now you deny it, when she is right here in my very throne room!" "You blackmailed her!" Jordan accused. "You stole her memories and used them as bait for your insidious trap!" "The reason matters not!" Rossiter argued. "If you are to believe in free will, then you are well aware that she could've chosen not to come! But you and I both know that this is her way, and there was little you were willing to do to dissuade her." "You implanted a..." "Silence! This argument is futile! She is here now and that's all there is too it! Face it, you have failed!" Two eyes suddenly shined in the darkness before them, almost exactly like twin jewels set in stone. "You've led your lady love into the darkness, and now she is mine forever!" Rossiter declared. "It's. All. On. Your. Head!" "She will never be your's, Rossiter!" Jordan refused. He readied another arrow. "Fire Spin... arrow!" The arrow blazed with a swirling flame as Jordan shot it at the villain. A clawed, purple hand reached out from the darkness and the projectile stopped in midair. The light from the flame played off the figure in the shadows, revealing the purple-skinned creature with eyes of sapphire, adorned in the fanciful robes befitting a sorceror-king of darkness. But more importantly, it illuminated the dried husks of two bug Pokemon, each with what appeared to be a partial halo above their heads. "Shedinja!" Jordan exclaimed. "No!" "Yes!" Rossiter laughed. "Now I shall complete the process you interrupted so long ago!" The eyes of the Shedinja began to glow faintly. Kistu and Keaton suddenly seized up. They went into dry heaves, coughing so hard that they fell to their knees in agony. They dropped their swords and wrapped their hands around their throats, trying to manually stop what was in there from forcing it's way out. Jordan rushed to Kitsu's side. "Fight it Kitsu!" Jordan urged. "Don't let him win!" "What's going on?" Aerie asked, fearing the answer. "He's stealing their souls," Smasher replied with amazement. "No!" Aerie exclaimed. "Kitsu! Keaton! Hang on!" #I'm going to try to help you! Please, just...# A wave of dark energy ripped from the shadows and slammed Aerie into a wall. "I'm afraid this is a private affair," Rossiter said. "No outsiders allowed." "Kitsu..." Jordan said intensely. "Jordan..." Kitsu replied between coughs. For a moment, recognition shown in her eyes. "I... I'm sor..." A wisp of blue smoke flowed out of her mouth, taking the light from her eyes with it. She and her brother went limp as what was left of their spirits drifted out of them and into the holes on the backs of the Shedinja beside Rossiter. "Kitsu!" Jordan howled. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "Ah, the tragic hero," Rossiter said. "So sad. So pathetic. Couldn't even save his true love from having her soul RIPPED from her body and stowed into a convenient carrying case. But, unlike you, I've never really cared for her soul. I'm only interested in her *body*." Rossiter dismissed the Shedinja with a wave of hands. They flew out through the ceiling and into the night. "You ANIMAL!" Jordan growled, setting Kitsu down and rising to his feet. "If you even touch a hair on her head, I will tear the stones from your hide and shove them..." "Ah, ah, ah..." Rossiter interrupted. "Oh, how quickly the forlorn forget. For tonight, a full moon arises, as will my servants as they take their rightful places! Incubus! Succubus! Awaken!" Kitsu and Keaton slowly began to stand, their bodies quivering and shuddering as unearthly sounds forced their way through their throats. Clothe and skin melded into furred hide while their features snarled and twisted into inhuman expressions. All human elements disappeared, giving way to creatures more Pokemon than man. Savage, animalistic creatures that stood on two legs in a mockery of human posture. "Fiend!" Jordan shouted. "You have perverted their true forms and made them Monsters!" "I wouldn't say that," Rossiter said. "In fact, Kitsu's kinda sexy, in a feral sort of way. But no matter. You have served your purpose. I'll have my servant show you out." A nearby wall suddenly burst appart, revealing a Jigglypuff with a sledgehammer. Given barely any time to react, the Jigglypuff plowed through Jordan, Aerie, Smasher and his Pokemon, sending them soaring into the night sky. "Ah, yes," Rossiter said. "And now to enact the final stage of my master plan..." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- "You know, that's happened to me more times than I care to admit," Smasher said. "Your joking," Aerie said. "I wish," Smasher replied. "Rush, return! Starscream, go!" With beams of red and white light, Smasher recalled his Arcanine and released his Skarmory. In a single swoop, Starscream caught Smasher and Aerie on its back while Shuriken the Starmie hovered near by. Jordan joined them on his Aerodactyl. "What was that?" Smasher asked. "His eyes looked like jewels." "They are jewels," Jordan answered. "Rossiter is a Sableye. They are Ghost-types that, in your world, live underground and eat rocks that emerge from their bodies as precious stones." "Now that's a bounty head the doesn't depreciate in value," Smasher quipped. "But now what?" Aerie asked. "How can we get Kitsu and Keaton back?" "The Tin Tower," Smasher said. "The Shedinja will probably be stored there." "Quite," Jordan agreed. "It will be no easy task finding them, though. He has a vast army of Shendinja stowed there. You will have to physically extract each trapped soul within them without getting your own soul taken. It will be like looking for two straw-colored needles in a very dangerous haystack. I will try to buy you as much time as possible." "What's going to happen?" Smasher asked. A plaintive look briefly shown on Jordan's face before he turned his Aerodactyl and flew back to the burned tower. "C'mon!" Aerie scolded, slapping the back of Smasher's head. "What are you waiting for!? Let's go!" "Geez, lady," Smasher said. Starscream swooped towards the Tin Tower. "Watch the merchandise." "Lady!?" Aerie exclaimed. "I'm much younger than you are!" Smasher just chuckled. To be continued...? -- You Can't Beat YCBY AIM: PanGatomon MSN/E-mail: Yahoo! 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