From: YCBY \(Chet Weaver\) ( Subject: [PW!] The Darkness Comes! (concluded) Newsgroups: Date: 2003-09-14 01:14:03 PST Wanna hear a secret? I was reading newsgroup messages when Adrian Tymes <> wrote in message news:<Vig4b.561$>... > > Then she found it. A spark of irritation, combined with definite > recognition of the sender. That had to be Kitsu. Reaching in with > her mind, she pulled out the soul with that spark and examined it; > sure enough, it was Kitsu, and she had Keaton in tow. Sucking in air > was more symbolic than anything else, but it did prompt the two souls > to enter her... > > #AERIE!!!# Kitsu mentally yelled the instant her soul was in contact > with the half-ditto's. > > #(Defend/defuse.) Kidding. ^_^ I had to find you somehow.# > > #...# > > #(Verify secondary objective.) Hey, Keaton, you in here too?# > > #Yeah, I'm here. What's left of me.# > > #Don't worry, I'll have you back where you belong soon enough. > (Potential for privacy breach. Diplomatic solution available.) In the > mean time, don't pry too deeply into my fantasies about your sister, > okay?# > > Kitsu's #...# was a very angry #...# just then. > > #(Humor backfiring. Fall back to seriousness.) Save it for the enemy, > Kitsu. You may need that anger.# "Okay, got 'em. Now do what you're > going to do with those other souls and let's go." > "You've been toying with him for far too long," Incubus said with a yawn. "This grows tiresome. We should finish him off." "You assassins have no appreciation for the art of torture," Rossiter complained. The continued to telekinetically contort Jordan's body. "It's a far more enjoyable task when the victim's suffering is prolongued." "This is true, my love," Succubus agreed. "But he isn't even screaming." "Give it time," Rossiter assured. "I'll break him yet." "The moon rises m'lord," Incubus warned, eying the holes in the ceiling from earlier. "We should kill him before he attempts the Moonlight technique." "All right," Rossiter grumbled. He allowed Jordan to fall to the stone floor with a sickening thud. "I doubt it'll be of much help, but I suppose we can't afford to take too many chances. Hand me your sword. I'll finish him off my..." Rossiter stopped in mid-sentence and glared down the hallway. His enjoyment of Jordan's torture had blinded him to the activity at the Tin Tower. Only now did he notice how the spectral energies of the spirits trapped there were unnaturally condensed. Had he not be so distracted, he might've done something about it before it was to late. "M'lord?" Succubus inquired. "What trou..." A tremendous blast of ethereal energy answered Succubus's question before she could finish asking it. The force of the blast slammed Succubus and Incubus against a wall, knocking them out. Rossiter remained standing, his cape raised defensively. "Who dares?" Rossiter demanded as steam rises off his body. Aerie teleported into the middle of the room, much to his surprise. "You!" "Well, not just me," Aerie replied. "You might want to stand about a foot to your left." "Wha...?" Iron Horse the Steelix came crashing through the ceiling right on top of the Sableyed sorceror. Smasher hopped off and surveyed the scene. The spirits used in his previous attack flitted about the chamber like sparks off of an open flame. "You get those two back in their bodies," Smasher said to Aerie. "I'll..." Smasher was interrupted by Rossiter rising from the floor behind him and grabbing him by the throat. "You have an appointment with your maker!" Rossiter bellowed. "Iron Tail!" Smasher choked out. Iron Horse quickly spun around and smacked Rossiter off his trainer. Smasher grabbed three of his PokeBalls as Shuriken the Starmie and StarScream the Skarmory quickly joined him. "As I was saying, I'll be showing Mr. Goth-Rock what Extreme Pokemon training is all about! Ice! Rush! Pikat-Shoo! Go!" "MaroWAK!" "Andele! Let's show this muchacho what for, vato!" "Pika!" "You think your pitiful Pokemon are any match for my power?" Rossiter cackled. "In your world's vernacular, 'Bring it on!'" "Take it to 'im, guys!" Smasher called out. "Attack Pattern Chattanooga Six Black!" Torrents of flame, electricity, and ice, along with prolonged streams of Swift and Hidden Power attacks, swirled around Rossiter, trapping him in a tunnel of danger as Iron Horse barrelled down it. Rossiter charged the Steelix head on and phased right through it. "I don't think so!" Rossiter roared, preparing to strike Smasher directly. "I'm afraid I do!" Smasher shouted back, presenting an open palm to the apparition. "Aetherial Burst!" With some hasty spirit-channeling, Smasher struck Rossiter with a blast of energy. It wasn't particularly potent, but it at least gave him some breathing room. A quick command later and Rossiter found himself narrowly dodging attack after attack. Meanwhile, Aerie found Kitsu and Keaton's unconscious bodies and prepared to place their spirits back in them. Soon after she made the connection, their eyes snapped open. The spirits possessing them had gained semi-consciousness, awake but not quite able to move yet. Over the telepathic link, Aerie could see the conflict taking place. The battlefield was a room not unlike the one they were now in, albeit with considerably less wreckage. Alone, Kitsu and Keaton faced what appeared to be their darker selves. "You can't fool me anymore," Kitsu challenged. "All this time you hid within my mind, pretending to be my darker impulses..." "...But now I know better," Keaton continued. "You're not part of me at all! You're an invader, trying to steal what does not belong to you!" "I did much more than try, 'friend,'" Incubus replied, changing from the form of a minoTauros to that of an anthromorphic Dusclops. "I got what I wanted," Succubus purred, changing from a Ninetales to a Misdreavus with ghostly humanoid body. "I don't don't intend to give it back!" the two announced. "Get your own body!" Keaton roared. Sword drawn, he charged his counterpart. Incubus deftly caught the crimson blade. "You have no right," Kitsu said, drawing her ebony sword. She zipped in with a Quick Attack, but Succubus faded from view and caught her from behind in a choke hold. "You have no clue what you are dealing with, little girl," Succubus taunted. "I have far more experience in these matters than you." "I have broken many a samurai's sword in my time," Incubus said. "Yours will not be the first... or the last!" Incubus drove a fist into Keaton's gut, then backhanded him to the ground. Before Keaton could stand, the half-Dusclops slammed a foot into his chest. His real body coughed up blood as red as his robes, but decidedly more reflective. Jordan could see it from across the room. Kitsu wasn't looking so good, either. #Hold on, I'm going to help you!# Aerie announced. She entered their mindscapes and tried to pry the aggressors off her friends, but they wouldn't budge. "Nice try, shapeshifter," Succubus replied. "But you can't help the both of them." "Your attention is too divided," Incubus added. "You have to chose one or the other." "What a moral dilemma it must be," Succubus said. "To save one the other must die," Incubus said. "No, I can do it!" Aerie argued. "I can do both if I just try!" "Aw, how cute," Incubus laughed. "She thinks the power of her friendship can save the day." "It'll take more than your faith to win this battle," Succubus snickered. In the midst of battle, Rossiter was evading each assault with ease. In the blink of an eye, he grabbed Smasher and through him across the room. The human channeler/skater/Pokemon trainer landed on his feet like a cat and skidded to a halt near Jordan. "Need help?" Smasher offered. "Just keep Rossiter busy," the half-Houndoom archer replied, pulling himself to his feet. "I can handle this myself." Smasher nodded and dashed back into the fray. Jordan stood, using a nearby pillar for stability, and gazed up to the moon in the sky above. He could feel it's power pouring into him, healing his ravenous wounds. He wasn't anywhere near 100% yet, but it was enough to carry him across the room to where his beloved lay as disembodied spirits flitted about like flies. Aerie's concentration nearly broke as Jordan lay a hand on her shoulder. "Thank you," Jordan said comfortingly. "You're doing a good job. Your efforts are not in vain, but it's time for the prince and princess to draw from the royal family's greatest source of power." "Their what?" Aerie asked. "Spirits from our world," Jordan regally addressed the random spheres of light, "People of the Country of Nidon, hear me! The children of King Nidon need your aid! Kitsu, daughter of Gloria, and Keaton, son of Petunia, require your protection! Flow into their vessels and defend your kingdom's future from the enemy within!" The spirits gathered around them, swirling about in a storm. They began to fall into a pattern, organizing themselves and tighting around the quartet. "Keep your mind open," Jordan told Aerie. "Allow your psychic abilities to recieve them. You will have to act as the conduit into Kitsu and Keaton's minds!" Aerie gulped and then relaxed. She readied herself and all at once she could feel the spirits pass through her. It was like a river washing over her, one that then split and filtered down into the two prone forms before here. "What is this?" Incubus demanded. "Let go of me, you freaks!" Succubus ordered. Within Kitsu and Keaton's minds, ghostly forms gathered around them. They lifted Incubus's foot and pulled apart Succubus's arms. The evil spectors were thrown from their prey as the energy of the spirits rejuvinated them. "No, this can't be!" Succubus shrieked. "My will are stronger than yours!" Incubus argued. "Against me alone, you did," Keaton said, his sword shining from spirit energy. "But you're no match for the will of the people!" "The people have spoken!" Kitsu declared. She spun her sword, leaving behind a glowing trail. "I am their champion!" The dead assassins were furious. They seethed in burning rage at the affront. How dare the great unwashed meddle in their affairs!? "WE WILL NOT BE DENIED WHAT WE DESERVE!" Succubus and Incubus screamed as they charged their hosts. "You will have it!" Kitsu and Keaton retorted. "Your body died long ago," Kitsu said. "And it's time to lay your spirit to rest," Keaton finished. With a swipe of their swords, the spirits were released. Incubus and Succubus resisted the tide as best they could, but were ultimately lost in the deluge. The spirits erupted from Kitsu and Keaton's bodies, catching the attention of the fighters nearby. Kitsu's currently feralesque body shifted into a sleek, elegant form most befitting of hybrid Ninetales. Keaton's features as well changed from fearsome to a more distinguished look. Rossiter watched as two blue flames wafted over to him and were extinguished. The words to express himself caught in his throat as his face and body contorted in anger and sorrow. "Cloak... Dagger..." Rossiter choked out. "They're gone... Forever... Cast into oblivion as if they were common Mareep... and... AND ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Rossiter's rage exploded forth. He Dark and Ghost energies intensified as he doubled, maybe even tripled in size. He unleashed a hail of dark energy that knocked Smasher and his Pokemon to the ground. The glint of steel. The snap of a bow. The cry of air being shorn. The giant Rossiter found himself capeless with Kitsu and Keaton behind him, their backs to him, and an arrow in his chest. The samurais sheathed their swords as Rossiter fell to the ground and shrank. "I'm far from dead," Rossiter said through clenched teeth as his body quivered. "I will get my revenge! I've waited far too long for this moment! If I must celebrate it alone, then so be it! I don't care if it occurs right now or a millenia from now! If you thought my vengence was terrible before, then prepare to experienced it one-hundred fold!" "No," Kitsu said. Her voice was smoother and softer than it was before. "It's over." "You have been defeated," Keaton said in a stronger, more mature voice. "Your reign ends now." "You destroyed an entire world," Jordan said. "Justice will be served quickly and mercifully." "You might want to rethink that 'quickly and mercifully' part," Aerie said, indicating the entry way. "I think they'll want a turn." Everyone glanced to the entrance of the room. Those who Rossiter had enslaved where filing into the room, each one with spite in their eyes. Hybrids of all shapes and species crowed into the room, entrapping the evil wizard. "No!" Rossiter screamed. "I am your master! You are my slaves! You can't do this to me! I command you all to leave at once! I'll destroy you all if I have to! Back off! I'm warning you! NO! Stay away! I command you! No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!..." Smasher couldn't see what was going on, although by the sound of it he judged that he was better off for it. Eventually, the bloody screaming died down. However, a new problem soon presented itself. Without Rossiter to maintain the pocket dimension, the entire top floor of the Burned Tower began to collaspe in on itself. Those who could fly or teleport grabbed someone who couldn't and fled. The next day found Smasher retelling the story to Morty at the local IHOP. "So that's it then, huh?" Morty asked. "Yep," Smasher replied. "The evil presence in this area is now back to normal levels. Oh, and sorry about the Burned Tower." "It was just the top floor. Don't worry about it. I'm more concerned about all the Nincada and such hanging around the city." "Well, without Rossiter's influence, they'll probably return to their normal behavior. They might disperse, possibly even migrate to Hoenn. Not that I'm an expert on them or anything." "And the Shedinja?" "Eh." "So what happened to Kitsu and Keaton?" "I haven't kept track of them since crashing back at the Pokemon Center. They're probably still getting some rest. Considering what they went through, I think they deserve it." "What do you think is in store for them?" "I dunno. From what I understand, their people are scattered across a multitude of dimensions. Maybe they'll find a new home for themselves." Morty got up from his seat. "Well, whatever happens, I wish them the best of luck," Morty said as he walked off. "If you see them again, give them my regards. Bye." "See ya," Smasher said. Then a thought struck him. "Hey! You're not sticking me with the bill, are ya!? Dude, that's so chinse!" To be continued...? -- You Can't Beat YCBY AIM: PanGatomon MSN/E-mail: Yahoo! 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