From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The Darkness Comes! (concluded) Newsgroups: Date: 2003-09-18 22:30:08 PST YCBY (Chet Weaver) wrote: > Morty got up from his seat. > > "Well, whatever happens, I wish them the best of luck," Morty said as he walked > off. "If you see them again, give them my regards. Bye." > > "See ya," Smasher said. Then a thought struck him. "Hey! You're not sticking > me with the bill, are ya!? Dude, that's so chinse!" Coins appeared on the table. "Tha-" Smasher began, before realizing they had come from the other direction. "..." "Oh, it's you." He looked close. "Man, you look familiar." "You probably met the other me," Aerie replied, then continued upon his look of confusion, "Long story. Time travel. Older me from an alternate timeline raised me." She picked up a glass of water and chugged, swallowing its entire contents in one gulp before slamming it back onto the table. "She told me about you, a little. Do you know how to skateboard?" "Do I? Girl, you're looking at the-" She held up a hand. "I'll take that as an emphatic yes. This is good. I need an excuse to get out of here. Racing you to the next city will do." "..." Smasher finally noticed she had been staring at the ground the entire time. "You're running away from something, aren't you?" "A mistake. I...I never should h-have..." She stifled a sob. "Never should have...?" "Kissed her." Smasher blinked. "The woman I was with. I have been in lust - not love, lust - with her for a while, but I knew she would object. But when we shared souls yesterday, I couldn't disguise it, not really. So, this morning, I saw nothing to be gained by waiting any longer; I couldn't deny it. So I kissed her. Hugged her, tried to fondle her before she threw me off. And...that's when I knew. It'd just hurt me to deny my feelings around her, but it'd disgust her not to. So, for both our sakes, I shouldn't be around her any more. That is why I need to run away. My other self trusted you, a little. So I figure you're my best choice. I need someone I can trust right now." "You...kissed her? Dude, no way!" Aerie frowned. "Snap out of it! It's bad enough that *I* dream those things about my best friend." Her frown disappeared. "My...former best friend, who I can't ever see again." Even Smasher could hear where that was going, and knew to try to derail such thoughts. "So...Aerie. The other you was dating a guy who did pokemon imitations?" "Is that what they told you?" "He was great! Is he still..." "He's dead. Essentially, to you, and everyone but me. He was the reason for my other self's existance...but in my timeline, he does not yet exist, and even if he ever does, we'll probably never meet." "...oh." "And it's not pokemon imitations. I'm a half-ditto hybrid. So's he." "..." A minor sweatdrop appeared on Smasher's right temple. He had heard of hybrids, but they were unusual, to say the least. "Almost half, anyway. Doppler genetically engineered and created me, so I've always looked up to him as my dad." The ghost of a smile returned to her face. "Even when he and mom got all wierd." "..." The sweatdrop grew as the last information Smasher had heard about Doppler, including the Pokemon Resistance, filtered up from long term memory. "That goes for the other Aerie, too. Except her dad didn't change. Wasn't changed. One of the differences in our timelines." "..." The sweatdrop threatened to exceed his head in volume as he realized just what had been sharing leadership of the Pewter Gym so long ago. Aerie looked at him, shrugged, and morphed into a second sweatdrop, mirroring Smasher's original. The weight of these guided Smasher's face to the floor.