From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The Darkness Comes! (concluded) Newsgroups: Date: 2003-09-23 23:06:07 PST YCBY (Chet Weaver) wrote: > A sudden burst of energy in the room distracted the lovers from their game. The > sound summoned Keaton back in, where he saw a portal begin to form. Across > town, the tear caught the attention of a certain extreme Channeler. > > 'Aerie better hurry soon,' Smasher thought. 'There might not be much time > left.' Aerie, of course, was far too wrapped up in her thoughts to notice this as she slowly walked back to the Pokemon Center. Her mind warred against itself over the problem, dissolving into semi-coherent fragments per one of the emergency techniques Doppler had given her - modelled, ironically, after the unintended acts that had saved part of him from her mother's poison bullet. #Certainly,# part of her noted, #the distress levels approximate a life threatening situation.# #Not just approximate,# another part replied. #Are there any circumstances under which we would rape Kitsu? And thus, make us a danger to her well-being, one which we might wish to destroy to protect her?# #Yes.# Aerie winced from the anguish of acknowledging it. #If Kitsu had not thrown me off, I might have...# #But Kitsu would not be Kitsu. She was not paralyzed or otherwise in bad status. It is no use pondering what could not have happened.# #So, what do we do now?# "Do you love her?" #...# "I said, do you love her?" #Define 'love'.# Aerie blinked. Something was wrong. She should have known what that part of her meant. "Do you care about her?" #Yes, She frowned. #I wish I could apologize to her, but...# "You just did." It was only then that Aerie paid attention to the part of herself to which she had given motor control and the task of getting her close to Kitsu, which part had taken the most direct route available, shorter even than a straight line. She knew in an instant that she had been broadcasting her thoughts. "H-how much did you hear...?" Kitsu looked Aerie in the eyes. "You really would have tried to kill yourself if you had gone further?" Aerie tried to look away, but could not. "I...might have..." Until another burst of fear gave her the willpower to do so. "I want to make you happy, in every way. But I realize those ways conflict, some even at the same time. I am not the one for you." Jordan moved to be in Aerie's line of sight. "Aerie, I might not know you well, but-" "But you have little time." Aerie motioned to the portal. "Time portals rarely last long, and I doubt this is any different. It is your way home, is it not?" She sighed. "Then all I can do is to say goodbye. I have unfinished business here, and before I can finish, your world will be separated from mine forever." She looked at Jordan. #I have but one request.# TBC?