Subject: [PW!] The Olivine City Comic Book Convention Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 09:07:26 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: AT&T Worldnet Newsgroups: A depressed black-haired man sporting a goatee gazes out at the setting yellow sun from his spot on board a ferry on its way towards Olivine City from Red Rock Isle. He's dressed in a Superman costume and one bang of his messy black hair falls in front of his gloomy face. A bald man dressed in a sharp white suit approaches him from behind, pats him on the back, and asks, "What's the matter, Man of Steel?" Without looking back, the goateed man sighs, "Man of Steel? I wish - I haven't caught a single Steel Pokemon in all the time I've spent in Johto." "That's not what I meant..." The bald man raises an eyebrow, "But what's the matter anyway?" "See all that sea out there?" The black-haired man gestures out towards the sea surrounding the Whirl Islands, "There might be a Dragon Scale somewhere out there that belongs to me, but I think I'll never see it again." "Did you just drop it off the side of the ferry or something?" "Nope. I dropped it in the sea months ago." "And you're still bummed out about it?" "I didn't know where I had dropped it until today. Back in December, I participated in the Whirl Cup. At one point, I fell in the Coliseum's Pool and dropped the Dragon Scale I was carrying. I didn't notice at the time, but a few hours ago a nice lady at the Coliseum showed me the archived video tape of the underwater camera that zoomed in on me while I was down there, and sure enough, I saw when the Dragon Scale fell out of my bag. She thinks either a Trainer's Pokemon picked it up in a later match or it drained out into the sea. I have some faith in people and think if someone had found it, they would have taken it to the Lost and Found, so it's probably out there in the sea somewhere..." "I think someone did find it and kept it for themselves. That's your problem, Clark - you're always trusting people." "Clark?" "That's right, Mr. Kent - I know your secret identity." "Mr. Kent? My name's Robert." Robert finally faces the person he's talking with, "And who are you?" The bald man responds, "Lex, of course. Don't you recognize me, Superman?" "Robert." As the ferry docks at Olivine City's Port, Robert slowly starts inching away from the man who claims his name is "Lex", thinking he's insane. Once he's at what he considers to be a safe distance, he turns and runs towards the ferry's exit. After leaving the ship and walking a short distance, Robert finds himself at the entrance to Olivine's famous historic landmark, the Shining Lighthouse. Within the building, a Comic Book Convention is being held. Though Robert's not a fan of comic books, when Travis called Robert earlier today using his Pokegear, he told the Diversity Gym Leader to meet him and Becky at the Convention dressed in any superhero outfit the only Costume Shop on Red Rock Isle had in stock. Travis hadn't revealed to Robert what he or Becky were going to be dressed as so that he'd be surprised when he saw them. Robert pays the fee at the entrance, then as he strolls into the rather tall building, he says to himself, "I hope Travis and Becky will be able to see past my clever disguise... well, they probably will. It's not like I'm wearing glasses." -Robert