Subject: Re: [PW!] The Olivine City Comic Book Convention Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 02:04:08 GMT From: Worry <> Organization: RoadRunner - Triad Newsgroups: Rob <> wrote in > Though Robert's not a fan of comic books, when Travis called Robert's > earlier today using his Pokegear, he told the Diversity Gym Leader to > meet him and Becky at the Convention dressed in any superhero outfit the > only Costume Shop on Red Rock Isle had in stock. Travis hadn't revealed > to Robert what he or Becky were going to be dressed as so that he'd be > surprised when he saw them. Robert pays the fee at the entrance, then as > he strolls into the rather tall building, he says to himself, "I hope > Travis and Becky will be able to see past my clever disguise... well, > they probably will. It's not like I'm wearing glasses." > > -Robert > "Hey! Glad you could make it!" Robert turned to the sound of the voice and his mouth dropped open in shock. Travis, the purple haired teenager was making his way carefully through the already sizable crowd. He had to be careful as the costume he wore had him sporting a strung bow over one shoulder, and a quiver full of arrows over the other. Dressed in a green vest, very tight green short short's, brown gloves and brown moccasins, with a pointed green cap on, Travis looked embarrassed behind his green face mask. "Sorry it took me so long." Robert replied grinning despite himself at Travis's discomfort. "Took longer than I expected on Red Rock Isle. And all for nothing, too. Never did find my Dragon Scale." As Travis arrived the pair shook hands. "Sorry to hear that." Travis supplied sounding sincere. "I know those things are fairly rare. I hope you can find another. Robert smiled at having someone to commiserate with over the lose of the item, but before he could make a response, a voice rang out over the noise of the crowd. "Travis, come get this thing or I swear I am going to send it back to Hoenn air mailed the hard way!" Turning towards the sound of her voice, Robert's mouth once more fell open. Becky was making her way angrily through the crowd. The thirteen year old was dressed as Elektra from the Daredevil series. She had donned a skin tight sleeveless purple cat suit, a black belt trailing from her right side. She had two martial arts weapons stuffed into the sash. She drew admiring stares from the assembled comic book fans even as they fell out of her way as she angrily stomped up to her traveling companion. The source of her anger followed gamely behind. It stood at a mere foot and a half tall. A dark purple Pokemon that Robert had never seen before, it had two square cut sparkling gems for eyes, which were turned up with adoration at the girl it doggedly followed. It was human shaped, with sharp looking claws for hands. Other gems looked as though they were embedded in it's flesh. "What is that?" Robert asked incredulously. "I've never seen anything like it." "It's a Sableye." Travis began. "It's a Pokemon pervert!" Becky angrily informed them both. "It walked right through the wall while I was in the bathroom! Scared a Lady Death right out of her skulls!" "Professor Ivy sent it to me to train." Travis went on. "It is a Pokemon native to the Hoenn region. She and a friend of hers from there are doing a Pokemon exchange program trying to learn about Pokemon specific to each region. I just got him today." "If you want to keep him, then get him away from me!" Becky stated firmly. Sableye was trying to cling to her leg, looking unabashed at her efforts to shoo the ghost away. Travis grinned as he recalled the Pokemon to it's ball, holding the ball shut so that the disappointed Pokemon couldn't release itself. "What kind is it?" Robert asked intrigued. "What type?" "It is a duel type, Ghost and Dark apparently." Travis answered. "I wonder what it evolves into?" Robert said. "I don't know much about it." Travis supplied, "I just got it yesterday. Haven't had much chance to train with it. I don't even know what attacks it knows. It is still young, I would say level ten at best. Going to be interesting to see what it can do." "Maybe the gym leader in Ecruteak can tell you something." Robert suggested. "I understand Morty specializes in ghosts." "We are going there next." Travis agreed. "But first we have to challenge jasmine for her badge. We couldn't today because she was involved in making sure the Pokemon at the top of this tower wont be disturbed by the convention." "I don't know much about comic books." Robert took the chance to comment. "Me either, actually." Travis responded. "But Becky in into them, and I must admit all of this looks like fun." the purple haired teen added indicating the milling chaos that dominated the first floor of the Lighthouse. "It is going to be a blast!" Becky said enthusiastically. "There are displays and contests all over the place. I her there are prizes for the best costumes upstairs, and a Pokemon contest as well somewhere on the upper floor. I dressed up my Hitmonchan as Iron fist. he is a shoe in to win!" Becky went on her voice dropping to a whisper. Robert and Travis smiled indulgently as they allowed the excited black belt to lead them off into the chaos. It was sure to turnout to be an interesting evening. TBC? -- Worry's first SIG sig file ------------------------------------------------------------------ *"It takes a Worried man to sing a Worried song..." Kingston Trio* *And the award for the funniest line in a cartoon goes to Superman who remarked "Don't look at me, I just catch 'em!" after stopping a crane thrown by Bizzaro from crushing a wedding party.* Proud owner of 300 fake code points