From: SHAKKmaster ( Subject: [PW!] The Tournament of Tournaments (or some very bad luck) Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-11 12:28:54 PST Three days after the Oldale fiasco and a day after visiting home, Bo was heading to a tournament in Goldenrod City. This tournament would last two days and give massive quantities of money as prizes. Currently, Sureswift2 was slowly gliding to the GRC's brand new Battle Tower, trying to ignore the invisible presence of a certain pokemon that seemed to follow them everywhere in secrecy. "Relax, Sureswift2, it won't hurt us. Just get us to Goldenrod, OK?" Bo asked the large Fearow. The Fearow cawwed and instantly appeared on the Battle Tower's roof. A rep walked up to them and carped, "Welcome to the First Annual Tournament of Tournaments. This years events will include a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament, StarFox 64 tournament, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 tournament, an Extreme Pokemon race, and an 8 on 8 pokemon tournament. Are you prepared?" "Yes," Bo said impatiently, handing over his Dragon-Beatdown and Removal decks and trainer ID. "Hmm, what's this?" as the rep saw something amiss. "Nothing," Bo said, snatching his Slifer the Sky Dragon from the Dragon-Beatdown deck. "You check out. Tournament's in an hour." Meanwhile, Evir was on a nice picnic with one of prettier female trainers after Bo's supposed Lugia, name of Gloria. Nothing exciting happens. TBC