Subject: Re: [PW] The Trouble with Tribbles, I Mean Nincadas Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 22:04:10 -0700 From: "Tekaider \(Chet Weaver\)" <> Newsgroups: Wanna hear a secret? I was reading newsgroup messages when "Pipian" <> wrote in message news:L7oJa.4623$ > > > "I'm good, I guess," Yolei said drearily. "I won the Storm Badge, teamed up > > with a semi-famous trainer from Kanto on the way from Olivine, gained the > > ability to see the future during Pokemon battles, and discovered that I'm going > > to learn the identity of the Masked Rocket, which will be a life-shattering > > revelation that will send me into the depths of despair, at some point during my > > stay in Mahogany Town. My life is now an agonizing death march to emotional > > pain and suffering, but other than that I feel emotionally numb so i guess I'm > > alright. And you?" > > > > To be continued...? > > "As I said, not much. Kinda just wandered about a bit. Talked to > Jasmine and gave her the information she wanted from a while back. For > the most part, we've just been hanging around here in Ecruteak for a > while. The lazy bum's still asleep." Yuki tapped her head. "You want > me to wake him for you?" > > "No no, that's alright." > > "Makes it all that easier for me. Anyway... Any news on the Unown > search? I've heard rumors that someone's seen I around here in > Ecruteak. That's the main reason I've been sticking around here..." > Yolei took out her PokeDex and set it Unown Radar mode. "I think most of them have been captured, or are otherwise cloaking themselves," Yolei explained. "I might have to adjust my radar in order to find them. However, it looks like a number of them have been returned to the Ruins." "And we got the Unowns the Shorts Kid had," Lynkeru added. "He was in pretty bad shape, too. Probably better off without them." "It also seems that large numbers of Unown can control whoever carries them," Yolei continued. "We split up the Kid's Unown just in case they had an agenda." To be continued...? -- Chet "Tech" Weaver AIM: PanGatomon MSN/E-mail: Yahoo! Messenger: tech_weaver ICQ: 122744531 Webcomic: "Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once." -- Unknown