From: SHAKKmaster ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Training Day Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-16 09:43:54 PST > Ben's face fell as GenKnight appeared on Sureswift2's wing. "Heh heh," he >chuckled nervously, "Er, do you have /another/ psychic? Maybe Havoc?" > "Havoc's undergoing therapy after you taught him Flamethrower." > Ben's face fell even more. "That's OK, I don't need GenKnight." > Sapphire let out a sigh of relief as the Alakazam was returned. "I bid you >farewell." > Sureswift2 turned and flew away. After returning Blazerion and Flamerion to thier pokeballs, the old man in charge of the day care gave Bo two eggs as he gave the old lady 200 monetary units just for looking after the two Blaziken. Bo turned to exit and was shocked to see Evir there. "You never told me about that Fearow," Evir said, blocking his way. "Fine," Bo hissed, "just not here. Follow me." The two flying on the Fearow, they fly to the middle of Viridian Forest where there was noone around. "OK, listen up because I'm not telling you again. A year ago, I was exploring the Whirl Islands. While I was there, I saw that TR was trying to find a Lugia. They found one and tried to catch it. I had my old Arcanine destroy the capturing device but because of a parallax problem on my part, the blast would have injured the Lugia if not killing it. So I used an Ultra Ball to shield it for a few second. Unfortunately, it was captured so I released it right away. I asked it to help teach my Smeargle Aeroblast. Just to make sure one of my pokemon learned it, I taught an older Fearow Mimic." Bo released the Anorith he got last week and Arcanine to keep the forest's pokemon away. "I had the Fearow Mimic a Sketch and then Sketch the Lugia's Aeroblast. Learning Aeroblast changed the DNA of the pokemon slightly and the baby pokemon had received a few of Lugia's codominant appearance genes and you can guess what happened. In fact, the Lugia is still following me like a puppy." Bo clapped twice and a few of the trees shimmered, revealing a Lugia. "And since you didn't release it at the pokemon center, your records say you still have it, which is why everyone who has access to the Silver Conference's database thinks you still have it," Evir postulated. Two Beedrill divebomb the Anorith, who uses Hyper Beam to take them out. Anorith then evolves into Armaldo. He releases Blazerion, Flamerion, and Salamence and gives them all a small metal ball, a Metal Coat, and returns them all. He then releases Sureswift2, who is covered in polished steel and flies back to Mt. Silver. Not much happens until either Ben calls or the Silver Conference starts. Bo trains his newer pokemon to level 43, his staller pokemon up 7 levels, and his power pokemon up 4 levels (Except for the two older Blaziken, who are just there to keep his team competitive with the local piece of crap named Ash Ketchum). He then gets his Sneasel and goes on a Metal Coat hunt, finding 27 of them in three hours (that's nothing, I've found 76 of them in a 50 minute period on my Gold Version. Maybe I got them all. :) ) and goes back to Mt. Silver. Evir trains his pokemon up 8-16 levels. 'Nuff said. END