Subject: Re: [PW!] Trousle enters ComComCom, the Contest House Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 18:51:39 -0500 From: "Kenneth Livingston" <> Organization: Posted via Supernews, Newsgroups: "Sabereye (Chet Weaver)" <> wrote in message news:b9q0bc$lqhmt$ > Wanna hear a secret? I was reading newsgroup messages when > "Kenneth Livingston" <> wrote in message > > > > > "Doh. It was supposed to be a surprise. I wanted to impress you." Trousle > > said. > > > > "Well, it *is* a surprise, Trub. A good one, too. I'm sure we'll both make > > this an interesting contest!" > > > > Trousle and Lisa stood there for a minute before they heard someone mumbling > > from the left side of the building ... > > > It wasn't anyone they recognized. Their first impression was that it was some > teenaged boy in a leather jacket and dark shades. When the teenager spoke, > however, it became quite apparent that this wasn't the case. > > "So this door's locked too, huh?" she inquired. She ran a hand through her > short, blonde hair. "Damn. I thought this place was supposed to be open by > now. This is the ComComCom building, right?" "Yes, it is ... at least, I think so. All the signs on the front point to it being the ComComCom building. My name's Trousle, " Trousle extended his hand to the newcomer. "And this is Lisa." Lisa also extended her hand to the newcomer. "Hi! What's your name?" Lisa asked. > > To be continued...? > > [NS: I hope you don't mind me suddenly butting in with my Amber Powers NPC.] [NS - No problem! I left it open ended so that someone would join in since apparently, the contest has been postponed...] Ken Livingston