Subject: Re: [PW!] When Worlds Collide Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 00:31:56 -0500 From: "Kenneth Livingston" <> Organization: Posted via Supernews, Newsgroups: [NS - OK, so Chris, Josh and "mom" are NPCs then. Good. <grin>] "Kenneth Livingston" <> wrote in message > "Sure, Lisa. I can do that. I'm sure you'll be back before sundown, " > Nurse Joy smiled and went into the back room to take care of Sluggie. Lisa > walked out of the Pokemon Center. She wasn't sure where to start looking > for Trousle, but she decided to start out at the department store. > > TBC... Lisa had searched every floor of the Department Store and found no sign of Trousle. She also checked at the Day Care just outside of town, but the couple there said that they hadn't seen anyone in a few days, since Lisa was last in there to check on her Tauros. Lisa was now walking towards the train station to see if maybe Trousle had managed to buy a ticket somewhere and had just not returned yet. She felt sad at the thought that Trousle might have left without saying goodbye, but her fears were confirmed when she saw Trousle standing in front of the train station with a small child. She was about to walk up to him when she realized who the small child was. She walked up to them and said, "Chris? But .. if you're here, then is ... ?" Chris turned around and looked at Lisa and it took a moment for him to realize who she was. "Lisa? Wow! Josh will be thrilled to see you! He and mom are inside getting the luggage we brought." Trousle looked quizzically at Lisa and then to Chris and asked, "How do you two know each other?" Lisa quickly blushed and looked away. Chris chipped in and said, "Lisa and Josh used to be boyfriend and girlfriend before mom moved us to Hoenn. We recently were over in Kanto, so we caught the train to come here and visit Johto for a few days too." Lisa's blush was even more apparent now as her ears started turning a brighter shade of red. Chris said, "Oh! That reminds me, Lisa! Check out my new Pokemon that Josh caught for me last week!" He pulled out a Pokeball and tossed it out. "Come on out, Sursi!" Chris said as the Pokeball opened up. The Pokemon which came out was a small bug-like creature with really long legs. It looked up at Chris expectantly. "Surs? Surskit surs?" Chris laughed as only a little child can and said, "No! I was just showing you to them, Sursi. You don't have to fight them." He addressed the next part to Lisa and Trousle, "Isn't she neat! Josh caught her and said I could have her since he doesn't like raising bug Pokemon." "OK. Trousle, where have you been? Nurse Joy is worried and said your mom sent an urgent message to the Pokemon Center for you, " Lisa said, obviously trying to change the subject. Chris recalled Sursi back to her Pokeball. "Oh. I got lost. I was looking for the National Park but all the signs kept me going in a circle. I finally ended up here with Chris after we had a Pokemon battle." "Yeah, I would have won it too, Trousle, but I just caught that Crabby, so it wasn't listening to me. I have to train it more. Oh! Here comes mom and Josh!" "Huh?" Lisa turned around just as Josh walked up to them. She accidentally bumped heads with him since he was looking down at something on his shirt. They both fell backwards and Chris started laughing. Trousle ran over to Lisa and helped her up. "Are you ok, Lisa? That was worse than when you ... " he trailed off when he realized that Lisa wasn't listening to him. She was quietly slinking back down to the ground in embarrassment. The young man named Josh said, "Don't worry about .... Huh? L-Lisa?" TBC.... Ken Livingston