From: "Saint Paul" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] A Badge Before Boating Date: Friday, January 16, 2004 12:04 PM (William Rendfeld) wrote in message news:<>... <Snip> [NS: I hope you don't mind me piggybacking this on your thread, but I had the same idea you did, William.] > "And, as proof of your victory, I give you this Mineral Badge," Jasmine > said, producing the small, silvery token from an unseen pocket. "Wear it with > pride." > > "I will, and thanks," Alex said, taking the Mineral Badge and pinning it to > the inside of her jacket, beside her Zephyr Badge. She then recalled the weary > Surtur into a Poké Ball and said, "Now, if the two of you will excuse me, I've > got a boat to catch." John entered the Olivine gym at the same time that the young woman who just completed her gym battle left in a rush. "The boat's here already?" John wondered, "Well then I've got to hurry!" He dashed into the gym where Jasmine was just about to close up the gym for the day. "WAIT!" John shouted dashing over to the rocky arena in the middle of the gym. "I need to challenge you before the ship leaves!" Jasmine heaved a dramatic sigh, and John was sure he heard her mutter a few well chosen curse words. "Very well. As you managed to get in before I closed up I have to accept your challenge, according to the rules. But we'll have to make it quick, a one on one battle." "That's precisely what I was thinking." John affirmed, never letting on that he only HAD one pokemon. "Savage! Time to rumble!" "PRIMEAPE!" Savage cried as his body made the transition from energy to matter after being released from his pokeball. "I choose Steelix!" There was an earth shattering roar as the steel covered snake appeared at the edge of the arena, it's various body segments pivoting ceaselessly around it's spinal cord. Next to the massive being Savage looked pitiful and weak. "Alright Savage, start things off with a Submission attack!" The primeape readied himself springing into the air and landing a solid left hook onto the Steelix's protruding jaw. The clang of metal echoed through the entire arena. "Steelix! Iron Tail!" the end of Steelix's tail glowed with an intense silver light as he prepared the attack "Savage dodge it!" John called, Savage jumped to the side but his opponent was ready for that move and the maneuver struck home sending Savage tumbling onto the floor. However, that wasn't near enough to put Savage out of this fight. "PRIMEAPE!" the pig-monkey leaped to his feet and dashed towards his opponent, a firey light in his eyes. "Steelix, use Rock Tomb." Steelix slammed his tail into the ground the resulting shockwave caused large slabs of rock to burst out of the ground surrounding Savage. "Rock Break!" John called knowing that that would be the only attack that savage knew powerful enough to free him from the prison. "Primeape!" Rock shrapnel and dust flew everywhere as Savage burst out of the confinement, the momentum of the attack sent him hurling, fist outstretched, towards his adversary, landing a solid hit. "Bind him!" Before Savage could get away Steelix had him ensared his it's coils crushing him mercislessly. "Savage! You've got to get out of there!" John called as he watched helplessly from the sidelines. "Prime...ape!" Savage grunted as he fought to loose himself. The fire in his eyes growing brighter and more, well, savage the longer he remained trapped. Suddenly, with a Herculean effort, Savage burst free of Steelix's hold and mercilessly pound the metal snake into the ground. John was astounded at the power and sheer brutality of the attack, especially from his otherwise laid back pokemon. "What kind of attack was that?" He wondered aloud. "Rage attack." Jasmine supplied. "It's no use trying to command him anymore. He has entered a berserker fury and won't stop until he or Steelix has fallen." They didn't have to wait long. Steelix, goliath that it was, could not stand up to the endless strength that Savage's rage had fueled him with. It wasn't too long before the steel pokemon fell under the onslaught and was defeated. John quickly recalled Savage, not knowing whether the fighting pokemon would then decide to take it's rage out on someone else. He stared at the pokeball in his hands, amazed at the strength his pokemon had shown during that battle. When he looked up Jasmine was standing in front of him holding out a mineral badge. "Here. You've earned this, that was a good battle." John took the badge and pinned it to his left glove. "Thanks. I'd better hurry though otherwise I'll miss the ship." He nodded a goodbye to the young gym leader, then dashed out to catch the ship.