From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] A Case Of Grass Date: Thursday, May 06, 2004 2:33 AM "William Rendfeld" <> wrote in message > >"What Bob doing?" > > > >#Trying to get the Unown to think for itself. It teaches a pokemon to rely > >more on itself > >than its trainer. Worked wonders for me# > > > >"Mimic no sure about that" > > > >#What's THAT supposed to mean?# > > > >"Nothing," Mimic replied way too innocently, earning himself a pair of > >glares. > > > >------- > > > >In Mauville City, a ghost sensed the energies of the shiny Unown, and the > >fact they > >were a lot closer than Lavaridge. This was an interesting turn of events for > >the > >ghost-type craving life. > > > > [NS: Here's one curve ball, curtesy of Fate and myself.] > > "Jason!" the Duskull known as Sai Meilan hissed to her traveling companion > as they and their third neared the Mauville Gym. "Two Shiny Unown are nearby!" > > "I have a Gym Battle, remember?" Jason Cassidy rudely asked. > > "Oh?" Meilan turned to face him, her one eye meeting his. "Then care to > explain why we've been standing outside the Gym for CONFUCIUS KNOWS HOW LONG?" > > "I'm merely deciding who I should battle with," Jason curtly replied. > > "Um, if you two have something to worry about, you should really go on > ahead," Keiko Kamen noted. "I mean, this is important, isn't it?" > > "Very much so, miss," Meilan replied politely. "Please forgive us for not > joining you in your Gym challenge." > > "Oh, it's no problem," Keiko answered. > > Meilan bobbed a bit in the air, her closest approximation to nodding, then > began to float off before noticing that her partner hadn't moved an inch. > "Jason! Now!" > > "Unown later, Gym Battle-AGGGHHH!" > > Jason was interrupted as Meilan pushed her ghostly head down a nearby > fencepost. While she would suffer minimal damage due to the attack, due to > their Destiny Bond, Jason would feel immense pain. She stopped, and allowed > Jason a few seconds to recover. "Unown, now. Gym Battle, later." > > Jason growled, and begrudgingly followed Meilan. Keiko, meanwhile, shook her > head and said softly, "Strange people." > > Her thoughts were interrupted as a passerby walked up to her, pointed at > her, and said, "Hey, you're naked!" > > - > > #Hey, Mimic?# > > An Azurill popped his head out of the nearby grasses. "Yes?" > > #Don't look now, but I think Fate's thrown us a curve.# > > Mimic looked towards the advancing Jason and Meilan, then noted, "What > bringing them...?" Mimic then remembered Dbu and Aay. "Raffy, need distraction. > Get Bob away while Mimic handle things." And Raffy thought of the perfect distraction #Say breeder boy, how about checking out that asylum?# "Why the rush?" #Cause I don't want to save your grass-type ass any more than I have to. Plus, worrying about you is giving me a headache# "Whatever. If they try to keep me, I guess I can Razor Leaf the straitjacket and Solarbeam an escape route if needed." #...# "I think Aerie's finally starting to rub off on me" Somewhere in the regoin of Fallarbor, a Ditto Hybrid sneezed for no reason. Nobody thought much of it due the sh scattered about the area. "Let's go Raffy, no sense wasting a good day arguing." And the pair sauntered off towards Verdenturf, with Bob blissfully unaware of what could have happenned. Dbu was hovering about three inches off of Bob's shoulder, content to enjoy the day for now as well. Training could come later. Raffy breathed a sigh of relief. Homocidal hybrid trainers weren't high on his list of things to fight, especially when it was his own trainer. Though, he couldn't quite help but wonder what kind of distration Mimic was planning ... Meanwhile in Verdenturf, the only free Aqua agents were scheming something, unaware that Bob was returning to the area. Luckily Bob was unaware that they werre there. With some luck, that would last. ------- Clayton Random Tagline: Unleash the fury of the Djinn!