From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Acknowleging Aquas Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 7:14 PM >Suddenly, Elsa's stomach rumbles once more. This time, the rumbling is so >loud that even Peabody hears it. The brown-haired Aqua smirks at Elsa and >suggests, "I think your stomach's trying to tell you something. Why don't >you head over to the Cafeteria while Sven and I take Bob to the Lab?" > >Elsa looks up at Peabody and asks, "Where is it?" > >Peabody points down a corridor full of glass walls, "It's at the end of that >corridor. You can't miss it. We'll join you as soon as we can." > >"Thanks. I'll see you then." Before leaving towards the Cafeteria, Elsa >looks down at her Roselia, who's still riding on top of Sven's Sharpedo, >despite the fact that she could just as easily walk by herself at this >point. Elsa asks the tiny Pokemon, "Coming, Roselia?" > >"Sharrr?" Jaws asks, worried that he'll be separated from the Grass Pokemon. > >"Rosel..." Elsa's Roselia shakes her head, not wanting to leave Jaws alone >with Sven, if half the things Jaws told her about how his Trainer insulted >him were true. > >"I see how it is..." Elsa frowns, squeezing the Mudkip in her arms, "That's >fine, Roselia. Stay with your precious Sharpedo. Mudkip here will be more >than enough lunch company for me." That said, she marches down the corridor >towards the base's Cafeteria, annoyed that her Roselia chose a Sharpedo over >her, but not about to let Roselia's decision keep her from enjoying the >beautiful sights she imagines she'll see in the underwater cafeteria she's >about to enter. > Gloom of the non-Pokémon variety tearing into him, Jaws slowly bounced over towards Elsa. As the young woman looked at him in surprise, he explained, "Do pe do shar do pe pedo do shar." Elsa, unfamiliar with Jaws's native tongue, can only guess as to his meaning. "You want to come with us?" #He doesn't want to separate you two,# Solitaire explained. #Say what you will about him, Jaws has a heart of gold.# Sven gave an aggravated sigh. "If he wants to go with you guys, fine. Not like there'll be anything interesting in the lab anyway." Turning to the two other males in the party, he said, "C'mon, let's get this over with." "Hope you enjoy the food, Wanda," Peabody politely wished as he, Sven, Bob and their loose Pokémon made their way towards the lab. As the men left, Elsa looked over towards Jaws and said apologetically, "I'm sorry if I sounded a little harsh, Jaws, I just..." "Shar pedo," Jaws dismissed with a wave of a fin. "Pe do, pe shar." - Sven and Peabody, meanwhile, led their other guests down a glass-roofed hallway towards a large chamber. Therein, a few examination tables, various bits of scanning equipment, and a small collection of aquariums containing underwater plants were strewn throughout the chamber. A trio of lab techs in light blue coats turned to them. "Sven, Peabody, welcome," the lead lab tech, a man slightly shorter than Sven with a salt-and-pepper beard, greeted them. "Leif told us to make sure everything was ready for the examination." Casting a wary glance towards Bob, he asked, "Is he the one?" "Yeah, I'm the little lab Rattata," Bob replied. "Is there anything you need me to do?" "No, nothing extreme," the lead tech replied. "Just sit yourself down on one of the examination tables, then Sage will be able to perform a scan." Bob and Raffy both blinked in reply to that. "Sage?" #Sage?# "My name that is," came a gruffled reply from a small, pig-like Pokémon on the floor. "Wear it out, please do not." "Sage is a Grumpig, a Psychic Pokémon," the lead tech replied. "He'll be performing a preliminary scan to determine the extent of the Magma programming. We want a clear picture before we perform any procedures to remove it." #All our interests at heart,# Raffy sarcastically remarked. "Prefer to supervise, you would?" Sage asked the Girafarig. TBC? William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points