From: "Karura Koremanu" <> Subject: [PW!] A Girl and Her Ampharos Date: Thursday, May 20, 2004 5:47 PM Judd Kirst was on Route 35 when the guy challenged her to a battle. Problem was, he had been following her since she left Goldenrod City. "Johto certainly is a bit different from Kanto," thought the redhead, turning to face the snot-nosed punk. He was a short, glasses-wearing, messily-haired jerk who, for some reason, felt insulted when Judd refused to apologize for stepping on his Persian's tail. The said Pokemon was at his side, hissing. Judd narrowed her gray eyes and grinned, a grin that had sent many a trainer back in Kanto running back home. But that was when she was still with Team Rocket. Here, it only meant that she wasn't going to let up. She threw a Pokeball, revealing her Ampharos, affectionately named Morgaine after one of Judd's favorite stories. Except this Morgaine knew how to kick some ass. "Morgaine, Thunder," she said simply, her lightly accented voice taking a dark edge. The Ampharos all too eagerly obliged, lightning forming around its tail before shooting it into the air. A milli-second later, the lightning enveloped the Persian, frying the cat-like Pokemon to a crisp. The trainer stood there, shell-shocked, looking at his fried Pokemon, then back to Judd. "Y-y-you bitch!" he yelled, but Judd was already walking away, jacket slung over her shoulder. Ampharos walked by her side, whining softly. Judd chuckled. "Easy friend," she said softly, "We'll be in Ecruteak City soon. I'll get you and Kit some food then. For now, just get some rest." The redhead returned the lightning-based pokemon to it's ball, continuing to walk down the road. Twisting a strand of red hair around her finger, she looked on at the road before her, never once caring to look back at the Persian or its trainer.