From: "Rob" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] All Aboard, All In Olivine Port! Date: Monday, January 19, 2004 2:28 AM Adrian Tymes wrote: > Marcia was overseeing last minute preparations in her mobile pokemon > center. The gear she requested had arrived, but unpacking and setting > it all up would be a chore in itself, especially given the limited space > available. Still, at least she would not have to #Watch out!# look out > for Aerie on Dee's advice waitaminute > > *PAMF* went the air, evacuating space just before Aerie materialized in > it, on a perfect vector to tackle-glomp Marcia. "MOMMY!" > > Vials and supplies scattered all over; all were quickly caught by > teleports or telekinesis, and settled onto various tables or the floor > without spillage. Only when that task was complete did Dee show > himself, standing a bit back from the energetic mother and daughter > reunion - energetic on the daugheter's part, anyway - at his feet with a > sheepish expression. "Umm, hi. I found her." "I noticed." Marcia replies, patting the back of the purple-haired girl whose arms and legs are wrapped around her chest, "I saw footage on TV of your little father daughter spat. Well, the start of it, anyway - it was too violent for TV and that's saying a lot considering the fierce battles that take place during Pokemon Tournaments." "Don't worry, mommy," Aerie comments, just now prying her face away from Marcia to talk, "I just got a little peeved that daddy was pretending to be me, but we worked things out and neither of us got hurt so it's no big deal." She looks up at Marcia's face and smiles at her. Marcia doesn't smile back as she says, "You need to work on your temper, Aerie. If I were the one you were 'a little peeved' at, I'd be dead right now." "I wouldn't attack *you* like that!" Aerie shakes her head and hops off Marcia, "I know you can't handle the kind of stuff dad can." "Still. You have about 50% Doppler in you, since Doppler thought he was hot stuff when he made you, and that means you could go berserk when trying to get some point across and..." "Now, now, Marcia..." Dee walks over to Marcia and rubs her shoulders to relax her, "Firstly, I never 'go berserk' - everything I did in my past was carefully calculated. Secondly, if the fact that she has my genetic material has any effect on the relationship she has with you, it would actually *protect* you from being on the receiving end of any life-threatening attacks. After all, *I* never tried to kill *you*." Marcia narrows her eyes, "I'm not going to apologize for killing you." Dee shakes his head, "I'm not asking you to. I'm just saying, if Aerie were to do anything rash, it wouldn't be my fault." "Oh, so it'd be MY fault?" Marcia bats Dee's hands away, takes two steps forward, and spins around before putting her hands on her hips, "I'll have you know I don't act out of anger either." "I didn't SAY it would be your fault," Dee sighs and tries to explain, "Aerie's not 50% me and 50% you. She has genetic material from other beings as well. Not to mention her own free will!" "Oh, really? Did you mix in a vial of 'free will' when you made her in your lab? I sure hope you put in the right amount!" "MOMMY! DADDY! STOP FIGHTING!" Aerie cries out, tears welling up in her eyes. Not only are her parents fighting, but she considers herself and her actions to be the cause of the fight, "I won't hurt you, mommy, I promise... now please stop fighting with dad!" "Fine," Marcia states, crossing her arms and holding her tongue for the sake of Aerie. She remembers how much stress she experienced when her own parents fought with each other and she doesn't want to inflict such a burden on Aerie. A young black-haired man who overheard what just happened enters the room and asks, "Is this the Pokemon Center or a therapy center for dysfunctional families?" "This is the Pokemon Center," Nurse Marcia faces the young man wearing mostly black clothing to answer his question as both Dee and Aerie eye him suspiciously, picking up bad vibes from him. Despite her lack of psychic abilities, Marcia can also tell he's a thug, but she doesn't want to lose her job, so she tries to be polite, asking, "Need help?" "Here's a tip, lady," the visitor tells the nurse with a smug expression on his face, "You should leave your petty family problems at home. The last thing I want to hear when I go to get my Pokemon healed is a whiny little girl crying about her mommy and daddy fighting." "WHI-" Aerie starts, but Dee covers her mouth and holds her back. Dee whispers, "Let your mother handle this." "I have a tip for you, too," Marcia tells the young man, "You shouldn't insult the person you're about to entrust your Pokemon to." "Is that a threat? Don't mess with me, woman. I could easily report you to..." Nurse Marcia smiles, "It was just a bit of friendly advice. Now which of your Pokemon require healing? I'll be more than happy to..." "Yeah, right. I'm not going to give you my Pokemon NOW. Only two of my twelve Pokemon are injured. The other ten should tide me over for the whole cruise." At that moment, a girl sporting brown hair and brown eyes steps into the room, overhearing what the person who entered the room before her just said. Surprised to hear someone talking about Pokemon that way, she says, "Tide you over? If your Pokemon are injured, you should have them healed as soon as you can - you shouldn't leave them in pain..." "Who asked you?" The black-haired young man turns to face the girl who's standing at the doorway. Seeing who it is, he rolls his eyes and says, "Oh, it's you again. The weak girl I beat near Violet City. You have some nerve telling me how to raise my Pokemon when you weren't even able to beat me the last time we battled." Nurse Marcia points one index finger towards the exit and says, "If you two are going to battle, take it to the Main Deck. I'm not about to stand around and watch you mess up the makeshift Pokemon Center I've rigged up here. If either of you have a problem with this, I have a feral Trapinch who would love to snack on your extremities." -Marcia