From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] All Aboard, All In Olivine Port! Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 5:16 PM >"Keaton... ...I've been meaning to ask you about your accent." > >"My accent?" > >"Yes, you're still speaking with a Kanto accent. Why haven't you >switched back yet?" > >"I just haven't. No big deal." > >"You're embarrassed about your native accent, aren't you?" > >"What? No, no... I... just prefer this one, is all. And the only other >one who spoke like that around the castle was mum... Mom... so it wasn't >all that native to begin with." > >"Hm. Too bad. I thought it was rather distinctive." > >With that, Kitsu walked off. Keaton gave her a curious look before >heading in the opposite direction. > Meanwhile, Alex blinked, her telepathic 'radar' picking up on a few key vibes in the area. "Aerie, I have some good news." "Really?" Aerie asked, the tears beginning to dry With a smile, Alex said, "I'm pretty sure I know where Kitsu is." Aerie's eyes widened as she asked, "You do? Where?" "Down below by about four decks," Alex replied. She turned to Surtur and ShadowWarrior, who had gladly accompanied the two girls out of the makeshift Pokémon Center, and asked, "You guys ready?" "<Do we have a choice?>" Surtur countered. "C'mon, you know as well as I do that foxtailed-samurai isn't that bad," ShadowWarrior chided. Surtur smirked as best as a Combusken could, then walked up to Alex and Aerie as ShadowWarrior returned to his usual perch upon Alex's shoulder. "<Very well. The elevator once more?>" "That won't be needed," Aerie replied. "Just stick close." - Down below, Kitsu silently walked the halls of Deck Three, her katana drawn slightly so that she could tell how intensely it was glowing, her only indicator of how close she was to one of her extra-dimensional countrymen. Her razor-sharp were-Ninetales senses were among the few things which gave her an edge at this point, in the event of attack from behind. She remembered all too well the warning she had received long prior. "Not bad," a familiar voice said, nearly causing the young Aenarian to jump out of her robes. Kitsu quickly drew her sword, only to find it blocked by a similar blade. Holding it was Alex, with her two free-roaming Pokémon and Aerie at her side. With a sigh of relief, Kitsu noted, "Warn me the next time you decide to teleport to me, okay." "Sorry," Alex replied sheepishly. "Kitsu!" Aerie exclaimed, rushing to the elder girl and taking hold of her. "I'm so glad to see you!" With a small smile, Kitsu sheathed her sword and said, "Don't get started with that again." As Aerie let go, Kitsu knelt down so that she would be closer to eye-level with the girl before her and asked, "Where's your father?" "He's with Mom," Aerie answered, her voice a bit downcast. Alex put a hand to the younger girl's shoulder and explained, "The family reunion didn't quite go off without a hitch. What's with Sting, by the way?" Kitsu glanced down at her blade, then quickly explained, "It's a long story." "Fair enough," Alex replied. It was at that moment that the intercom rang out. (Reposted from 'Hoennward Bound') "Good afternoon, ladies, gentlemen, and Pokémon - this is your captain speaking," the voice of Captain Briney is heard throughout the S.S. Tidal since there are so many speakers on the giant cruise ship, "The ship will be leaving Olivine Port in just a few minutes. Weather conditions are fair so we should be arriving in Hoenn's Littleroot Town in approximately 48 hours. Feel free to eat whenever you want in the various all-you-can-eat buffets on the ship. You can also spend time swimming or tanning on the Main Deck. Feeling lucky? Then you should visit the ship's very own casino - we have slot machines AND roulette tables, so there's more than one way for you to win TMs or Pokémon dolls here!" (Original) "Wonder if they play the James Bond theme," Alex asked. Amidst odd stares from her four associates, she asked, "What?" (Back to Repost) "Oh, one more thing." The captain's voice is heard once again throughout the ship, "Tonight there's going to be a Guest Talent Show hosted by our cruise director, the man who designed the very ship you're on - Captain Stern! Remember, folks, if you have any complaints about the way the ship's laid out, he's the man to talk to, not me. Anyway, if you wish to participate in the talent show, be sure to fill out a form in the Lobby that asks for your name and your talent and drop it off at the front desk. The show will be at 10 PM at the Wingull Lounge on the Lobby Deck. If you sign up, be sure to be there! If you don't sign up, be sure to be there anyway to see your fellow guests exhibit their talents! Those are all the announcements for now. I'd like to wish you, on behalf of all of the ship's crew members, a wonderful, fun-filled day on the S.S. Tidal!" (Original) "Cool," Alex noted. "I may as well contribute to the entertainment." "You have a talent?" ShadowWarrior asked. "Besides reading minds?" "<Alexandria is a decent piano player as well as singer,>" Surtur noted to his smaller avian companion. "And I've got a dress that'll blow them out of the water," Alex replied. "Anyone else up for joining in?" TBC? [NS: I'm not sure whether you two have nominated anyone for the talent show, so I figure I'd best leave it here.] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior, the Pokémon Resistance, and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points