From: "Saint Paul" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Aqua Agendas and Rocky Gym Battles Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 11:08 AM jsolano199@aol.comlink (Jose L. Solano) wrote in message news:<>... > > The ref held up a green flag towards Alex and quickly declared, "Match is > >over! The winner of the Stone Badge is Alexandria!" > > > > "Yes," Alexandria happily said under her breath seconds before rushing > >over > >to the victorious Bayleef, ShadowWarrior fluttering off her shoulder in the > >process. Kneeling down and hugging her Bayleef, Alex happily said, "Great > >job, > >Nadyra." > > > > "Bay bayleef," Nadyra replied, gently nuzzling her trainer. > > > "Ah! Hey!" Carol Ross ran into the gym and up the stands to where Ben, Bob > and Jeff sat. She carried a bag of popcorn with her. "I didn't miss anything > did I?" > > "The match is over," Ben told her. "Alex got her badge!" > > "I missed it? Nuts." > > "Where were you, anyway?" > > "I had some... business to take care of. Nothing big." > > > > Within her hand lay a small Stone Badge, which Alex graciously took as she > >replied, "Thank you." > > > > As she pinned the Stone Badge on the outside of her jacket, she walked up > >to > >the stands, her three Pokémon in tow, then sat down and said, "Who's next?" > > > > "No thanks, not now," Carol told her. > > "Hi, Carol! Where were you?" > > "I just had something to take care of, nothing important! Hey, you got a > badge! That's great! I'm so proud of you!" Carol hugged a confused Alex. > > "So... uh... are you here for a badge?" Alex asked as Carol let her go. > > "No, they're not my thing. I just thought it'd be too weird hanging out with > the Ditto family. They sort of creep me out..." Carol looked over at Bob and > the leaf on his head. "Er... " > > > TBC? > > [NS: Last minute? But of course!] [NS: and Last but not Least] John poked his head into the gym to make sure he'd found the right place, satisfied that this could only be a gym he stepped inside and to the back of the group to wait his turn for the Stone Badge. TBC [NS: Sorry I'm late, real life's been kicking my ass]