From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Aqua Antics Date: Saturday, June 12, 2004 2:30 PM >> Jeff frowned, taking the binoculars back. "How can you tell? Looks >> like he's just standing there." >> >> "That father's body, wearing exactly what he did on the >> day he died." >> >> "Huh?" Jeff blinked. "Dittos can only copy what they see." >> >> "Mimic told me he can, sometimes, copy things from other peoples' >> memories. He must have found someone who remembers my father." >> >> "And if this is an Aqua base..." Carol sighed. "Great." > >Ben walked to the forward end of the ship in time to catch to latter end >of the conversation. He squinted to make out the figures standing on the >deck of the ship, realising that, as was said, it definately was Bob. > >"Can I lend a hand?" He asked, clasping a Pokeball from his belt and >releasing it, with a call, "Lock On!" > >Alex slightly recoved herself, questioning, "Ben? Is that a good idea? I >don't think we need to..." > >"Don't worry about it." Ben reassured her, "He's not attacking, just >scoping out the area. And besides, what's the worst that could-" > >Ben was stopped in mid sentance, as a disgruntled Mawile pulled itself >onto his trainers shoulder. A swinging maw just missed his head. > >--- > >Meanwhile, inside the base, an Aqua personel was checking the bodies in >the boat, via a deck mounted camera, and reading them off to his anxious >supervisor. > >"Five on the boat. Few roving pokemon. Doubtless more in pokeballs..." > >The Aqua stopped short as his camera started to go fuzzy. Before he >completely lost his signal, he zoomed in as far as possible, in a last >attempt to get more information. He couldn't help but notice a Magneton >staring directly into the camera. > >Cries went up throughout the surveilance room as all moniters were >clouded over with interference. An Admin left the room to report to Leif >they had lost Video Surveilence on the main deck. > - Carol slowly pulled the boat up to the side of the Abandoned Ship as Bob readied a pair of vines to descend down onto the small boat, Mimic in tow and Raffy within his Poké Ball. Making certain that he was secure, he slowly repelled his way down the hull onto the boat. "Thanks for the lift," Bob replied as he and Mimic settled onto the small boat. "Smasher's not here, we checked." "We didn't come for Smasher," Alex explained. "Sabrina saw fit to tell us about you being here with Team Aqua. And unless the two of you have a good reason why we need to get on that boat, I say we make a break for it." "No reason stay," Mimic replied, reaching into his recreated clothing and pulling out a sheet of paper. "Alex can read message en route." "That's all I needed to hear," Carol replied as she turned the motor back on and allowed the boat to roar away. Alex took the sheet, and gave it a quick glance. "So why were you here, Bob?" Jeff asked his older brother. "The Aquas offered to help me deal with that Magma-created personality," Bob explained. "They couldn't get rid of it, but I at least have a way of keeping it under control." "Well that's good news," ShadowWarrior noted. He turned to his trainer and asked, "So, what's with the note?" "It's from an Aqua Admin," Alex explained. She then read aloud, "'To Miss Alexandria Masters. My apologies for not being able to reveal this in person, however given your companions' recent actions in Petalburg Woods, I thought it best not to panic those under my command. My name is Leif Henrik, and I am the head of Team Aqua's Special Operations division. As you are well aware, three Christmas Eves ago, a group of Team Aqua operatives broke into your father's labs, copied his computer databases, murdered your father, and left. I was the agent who led the effort, and am thus responsible for the death of your father.' " "This 'Leif' guy killed your father?" Ben asked in surprise. "No, he's just taking responsibility for it," Alex clarified. She continued, "'The intention of the operation was a simple one. Your father, as you well know, was an expert in Pokémon breeding and behavioral studies. In his computer databases he kept volumes of information concerning these fields. Team Aqua sought to access this information and use it to our advantage against Team Magma. I planned on a simple scenario without bloodshed, however my original plan was foiled by the actions of an overzealous operative who has since ended up dead in an unrelated situation. While he was the one who fired the gun that killed your father, I was in command of the operation, and must take responsibility for the actions of my late subordinate. While nothing I can do can truly make up for the grievous debt I owe you, should you require my help, I offer my services.' " "So an Aqua Admin wants to make up with you," ShadowWarrior realized. "That's not so bad. There anything else?" "Yes, one thing," Alex quickly finished. "It says that part of the database included genetic information on something that wasn't a Pokémon. Specifically, it was genetic information on members of my family, on my father's side." "And how does that matter?" Nori asked. "My dad was where I picked up my unique traits," Alex explained. "He says he's kept the information under wraps, however." "<Alexandria, you realize what this may mean,>" Surtur noted. "<This 'Leif' may be the one who sent those bounty hunters after you.>" "Doubtful," Alex replied. "The way this was written, he doesn't sound like the type." An eyebrow raised in curiosity, Mimic asked, "Bounty hunters?" "The trainers of those two..." Alex began before looking at Mimic. Shaking her head to clear her mind, she continued, "...those two Pokémon showed up at Dewford. If Carol hadn't shown up when she did, chances are good that Tsunade and several of the guys would be dead and I'd be Goddish knows where." "So you actually got to see the guys this time," Bob realized. "And they know that you know that they're after you." "Which means stealth may not be high priority now," Mimic realized. "And they may call in help," Alex added. With a sigh, she said, "It's never easy." Alex soon felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to find Ben standing near her, a soothing smile on his face. "You'll get through this." Alex smiled, and placed her hand on his. "Thanks," she replied with a light kiss. With a reassured sigh, she then called, "Now let's get going before this turns sappy. Slateport's only a few hours away, and we've got a search to continue." TBC? [NS: I think the thread's pretty much finished up, but if anyone wants to add anything in, feel free. Clayton; I wasn't sure if you meant for Bob to keep Thyme or not, so I left it vague. 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