From: "luneric" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to the Mission, Later Date: Friday, March 12, 2004 1:58 PM > Back in the main part of the Pokemon Center, Alex and Cass had spread a > large map of Hoenn across a table. Most of the group were studying it, however > there were some exceptions. For example Derek was more intent to study > a smaller version that was tacked up to one of the center's walls. > > "So what's the plan?" #Your move.# Ben Algam, shifted round his chair from facing the rest of the group, to face a small psychic pokemon floating the other side of a small chess board. He thought for a few seconds before picking up a knight and firmly placing it on another square, a few rows forward, smiling. "Lets see you give an answer to that, eh?" Grospoliner blinked its single eye, still silent in thought. Then he simply slid a rook down the left edge of the board, and waited for a moment for his oppolent to realise what he had done. #Checkmate. Your king is dead.# "Mmm...latin or something, isn't it...?" Ben mumbled, before he realised what the pokemon had said. "Hunh? How could it be...?" He studied the board, trying to think of a way to block or take the attacking piece, but gave up - and sighed. "Okay, so you won this time... but what do you expect when I only have Aggrons to practise with? A rock head may be good in battle, but it doesn't play a good game of chess." As Grospoliner turned to float back to his trainer, Ben studied the pokemon. He was fanatical about steel pokemon, and although this one came from his home continent he had never met one before. "I'll give you a rematch sometime," he said to the pokemon, remembering that was not the only rematch he now owed. Luneric (hoping he hasn't assumed too much)