From: "Bandraptor" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Better Slate Than Never Date: Monday, May 03, 2004 2:45 AM STEFFAN HEDD ALUN wrote: > Karl reached a decision. He looked up. He straightened himself. He put on > a determined face. He stormed through the ship like a man possessed. He > made his way relentlessly to the lifts and pressed the relevant buttons. > Arriving at his destination, he pushed the door open with all his might, > stamped into the room and pulled out a PokéBall, releasing an Unown shaped > like a squiggle of some sort. > > "FIX IT!!" he double-exclaimed, showing off his temporary bout of courage. > > Nurse Marcia gave him an appraising look. > > The wind was immediately taken out of Karl's sails. > > "This Unown..." said Karl. "It used to be shaped like an S. It > got...broken, though. I was wondering if there was a way to fix it." > > Marcia took a look at the deformed Ess. > > "You want me to restore this Pokémon's shape, then..." she murmured. > > "Yes," said Karl. > > A few more moments of silence passed. > > "Or if you can make it into a K, I'd..." > > He trailed away under Marcia's shocked expression. Nurse Marcia narrows her eyes at the rude Trainer who's standing before her, forcing him to sweat under her withering glare for several seconds before pointing to the counter that's in front of her. "I'll need to get a better look at your Unown. Put it on the counter." Karl, feeling increasingly embarrassed about his initial outburst, immediately acquiesces to her demand. He plucks the levitating Unown S out of the air, and places it on top of the counter. When the Unown is in her possession, the first thing that Marcia does is quickly examine it from all angles to check for any traces of shininess. Only after she's convinced that Ess is a regular Unown without any time-freezing abilities--or worse still, personality-changing, wish-giving abilities--does she relax her hold on its body, and proceed to examine its contusions. As she runs her hand gingerly over one of the unnatural creases in the Unown S's body, she raises her eyes to meet Karl's. "How did this happen?" "Er," Karl falters for a moment, then gestures to his Farfetch'd, who is trying his best to look innocent. "Nomak here kinda...decided to use it for fencing practice." "Far," Nomak boasts, figuring that since Karl's let the cat out of the bag, there's no need to be shy about his exploits. "I didn't ask about your Farfetch'd." Marcia clarifies, "How could you, as a Trainer, allow your Pokemon to get injured like this?" Karl explains, "I do try to keep Nomak out of trouble, but..." he sighs. "Believe it or not, he usually doesn't listen to me." Marcia glances from the strutting Farfetch'd to the shy-looking Trainer and remarks, "I'd believe it. When did this happen?" Karl speaks in a meek voice, "About three months ago." "Three months ago!?" Marcia exclaims incredulously. "Why didn't you bring it to a Pokemon Center before now?" Karl looks at his shoes. "I was afraid I might get yelled at. So...can you fix it?" "Yes, I can fix it." Marcia says, still shaking her head in disbelief. She picks up the S-shaped Unown with both hands, preparing to transport it into the treatment area of the Pokemon Center. Before leaving, she turns to Blizzard the Persian, who hasn't said a word since entering the Pokemon Center, "I still don't know why you came in here, but I'll take care of you later. Injured Pokemon take priority." "<Very well,>" Blizzard responds. She is sitting on top of Sting the Tentacool, pinning him down to prevent him from lunging at Marcia's Slowpoke. "<Take your time, caregiver. I would not be one to take your duties lightly.>" Marcia stares at the Persian for a long moment, not at all certain of what she said. Finally, deciding she has more pressing matters to attend to, she just shrugs her shoulders in agreement, "Right." She removes two Pokeballs from her belt, intending to recall Luthor and Parasite before taking Ess into the back room. "CATWOMAN!" Luthor the Slowpoke abruptly bellows, having finally decided on the perfect way to address the Persian who he hasn't seen in over a year. Caught off guard by his outburst, Marcia lowers the hand containing his Lure Ball. "<Greetings, Luthor,>" Blizzard purrs, a hungry look in her eyes, "<it is pleasant seeing you again. I believe you still owe me a dinner.>" "Do not trust her, Rogue!" Luthor bitterly cautions Marcia, not listening to Blizzard's greeting at all. "Luthor made the mistake of trusting Catwoman once. Luthor even offered her a chance to join his army--and how did she thank him? By forming an army of her own! Catwoman is the most devious and cunning of villains. Not only has she convinced the brutish Killer Croc and antisocial Penguin to aid her in her misdeeds, she has even crossed continuities to recruit the traitorous Dr. Octopus to her side!" "TentaCOOL!" Sting screams, enraged that Luthor has called him by his slave name. He claws rabidly at the wooden floor of the Pokemon Center with his tentacles, trying to pull himself out from underneath Blizzard so he can strangle Luthor. Marcia never even entertains the notion that Luthor might be telling the truth. She presses the recall button on her Slowpoke's Lure Ball and firmly states, "Luthor, it's time for you to get some rest," seeking to contain him before his delusional ranting sparks a fight. A blast of Confusion sends the ball flying into a wall! Marcia stares at the Slowpoke in shock. Knowing what she knows about Luthor's personality, she isn't really surprised that he attacked her, but she is amazed that he was able to react so quickly. Luthor's lips curl into a slow smile of satisfaction. "Luthor anticipated your betrayal, and took the precaution of readying his psionic attack long before you reached for his Lure Ball," the Slowpoke growls out in explanation. "Luthor is well aware of your deceitful nature, Rogue, and from the moment he met you, he vowed to remain vigilant. You may have gotten the better of Mystique, but Luthor shall not fall victim to the same mind games. Make no mistake about it, Luthor's Psychic powers are dwarfed only by the potential of the power he will possess once he is fully evolved. If you cross him, Luthor will destroy you, just as he will destroy Catwoman and her pitiful assortment of minions." Marcia sighs, and walks over towards the wall to retrieve the Lure Ball. Karl stands with his mouth hanging open, torn between feeling amazed by the fact that Luthor can talk, and being disturbed by his obvious psychosis. Nomak simply laughs derisively, thinking it stupid of Luthor to speak English when ideas can be expressed so much more succinctly in Poke-speak. Cerberus the Dodrio lowers one of his long necks and speaks into Blizzard's ear, "<White Lioness, mayhap we should ask the Slowpoke to join our army. Cerberus thinks he's scrappy.>" "COOL <no,> tent<hole!>" Still unable to extract his body from beneath Blizzard, Sting has to settle for flailing his tentacles around in fury. "FARF!" Nomak chimes, as much enraged by the suggestion as Sting is. He cannot fathom why Cerberus is thinking of recruiting Luthor, when he is so obviously superior to the Slowpoke in every way. When Blizzard, Sting, Avalanche, and Cerberus all turn to stare at him, he makes a big show of jabbing at the air with his leek, and squawks out as ferocious a battle cry as a Farfetch'd can squawk. "Feehh!" "Persian." Blizzard sizes up the Wild Duck Pokemon. "<Cerberus, it was you who suggested we seek out allies within the walls of this facility. Would you consider this diminutive creature to be a potential asset?>" Cerberus stares down his three beaks at the smaller bird. "<Aye, Farfetch'd have their place on the battlefield.>" Nomak puffs out his chest in pride. The Dodrio continues, "<In Cerberus' experience, they make excellent cannon fodder.>" Nomak sputters and begins to choke violently. Iceduck the Psyduck rushes to his aid, slapping Nomak on the back until he dislodges the spittle from the Farfetch'd's throat. TBC? --Beth