From: "luneric" <luneric@dontrit> Subject: Re: [PW!] Birthday Warnings and Departures Date: Sunday, April 25, 2004 6:22 AM Up in his room, Ben was still slumbering peacfully, due to a late night, and the absense of an alarm clock. Three eyes glanced at the trainer, before the magneton hovering above Ben's bed turned to the Mawile on the floor. <Are you sure this is a good idea?> Metrix asked, not having such an odd sense of humour as it's mawile companion. <Coudn't we just shake him?> <No, this will wake him up better.> Mawile explaned, ignoring the Magneton's exasperated expression. <Ready?> <I guess...> <CLEAR!> Metrix let a small amount of voltage surge from his magnets and into the sleepers body. It was not enough to do any physical damage, but enough to forcably eject the trainer from his bed, before landing on the floor, eyes now open wide. Mawile was thrashing it's maw about in laughter on the floor, unable to contain himself. > By the time Alex arrived at the Pokémon Center, the rest of the > Search Party for Smasher (aside from Carol Ross, who remained absent) > stood waiting. > > "I hope I haven't kept anyone," Alex noted to the group. > > "No, you're fine," her elder sister replied. "Good luck with your > end." > > "Thanks Cass," Alex replied. Then, to the group, she said, "Well, > let's get started." "Wait Alex," Cass called, "You've got someone missing from your group." Just as Cassandra said this though, Ben rushed out of the door of the pokecenter, with mawile on his shoulder. "Ready," he called, before asking, "Is it this time already?"